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Peterborough UK
16:35 on Monday
29 September 2008

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Today in History


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Born this day:
  1547Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist
  1758Horatio Nelson, English admiral killed at Trafalgar
  1901Enrico Fermi, American nuclear physicist
  1935Jerry Lee Lewis, American singer/pianist
  1943Lech Walesa, Polish leader; founder of Solidarity trade union
  1956Sebastian Coe, English Olympic athlete & Conservative MP

It happened this day:
  1829Britains police force began in London, with Robert Peels 'bobbies'
  1911Italy declared war on Turkey over who owned Tripoli, Libya
  1913Rudolf Diesel, the German engine designer, died
  1916American John D. Rockerfeller became the world's first billionaire
  1944Near the end of World War 2, the Red Army entered Yugoslavia
  1950The world's first automatic telephone answering machine began its tests
  1979The first ever Papal visit to Ireland began, by John Paul II

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Check back for more "Today in History" tomorrow. If you have any historic facts or birthdays related to Peterborough and the Greater Peterborough area we'd be interested to here so that they can be added to the the database.

We need day, month and year and a description of the event, eg the date of the first Peterborough Beer Festival or the day Queensgate was opened.

Just drop me an email by clicking here.


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