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The Beginning of a New Relationship Between Peterborough and the Lifeboatmen of the RNLI Mumbles Station

The generosity of the visitors to the CAMRA Peterborough Beer Festival over several years has enabled considerable financial contributions to be made to the work of the RNLI. The most tangible representation of that support to date has been "our" boat, Peterborough Beer Festival 1, stationed at Redcar on the North East coast of England. Some time ago, the cost of a second "D Class" inshore lifeboat had been covered by further donations from each year's Festival and we waited expectantly to see which station the RNLI would decide should be served by "our" second boat. The Institution have now announced that "Peterborough Beer Festival II" will be stationed at the Mumbles in South Wales. As the boat will not actually be deployed until 2003, it will now not be a "D Class" but one of the first examples of the new replacement for that type of boat, known as the type "IB1" (Inshore Boat 1).

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15th July 2004 - Peterborough Beer Festival 2, IB1 lifeboat delivered to Mumbles

Peterborough Beer Festival 2 in the water on her first day at Mumbles - photo courtesy of Tim Conway, Press Officer, Mumbles Lifeboat Station
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The story of the Mumbles Lifeboat Station has been summed up as follows:

"After an uncertain start the Mumbles lifeboat station has had a long and distinguished history. The offshore lifeboats have been launched on service more than 400 times, completing 200 successful services during which they have saved in excess of 450 lives. The inshore lifeboats, which have seen service each spring and summer since 1965, have also made a valuable contribution to safety by saving close on two hundred lives.

This proud record has been won at a high price since 18 lifeboatmen have lost their lives on service."

From the September 1989 Preface to "Mumbles Lifeboats" by Carl Smith.

Ethel Anne Measures - the current all weather lifeboat at Mumbles

Mumbles Inshore Lifeboats

The Mumbles station has operated a "D Class" inshore lifeboat in addition to its "All Weather Lifeboat" since 1965. Between !965 and 2002 the station has been served in turn by three "D Class" boats, as follows:

Service No. Services Performed  Lives Saved Persons Landed
1965 to 1971 D44  46 60 14
1972 to 1986 D199  101 91 103
1986 to 2002 D319  20 (to 1989) 21(to 1989) 7(to 1989)

D44 Gift of Swansea Rotary Club, D199 Southgate Round Table (London), D319 Mrs Marjorie . Hearmon.

In December 2001 the Mumbles station was informed by RNLI Headquarters that they were again to receive in 2003 a new "IB1" class inshore lifeboat to replace D 319.

Their new boat will be named "Peterborough Beer Festival II"

Lifeboats at the Mumbles

The Swansea branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was founded in March 1863 to support the work of the new station. The first RNLI lifeboat arrived in October of that year and operated from Swansea's South Dock until the move to the newly constructed boathouse at Mumbles Head 1864. The station's first service was rendered on 3rd December 1863. The establishment of the new Mumbles lifeboat station was the culmination of efforts made from 1832 to establish an effective service in Swansea Bay. Since that time the station and its crews have established a long and noble history of service and gallantry, saving many lives at a heavy price to the people of the lifeboat crews and their families and communities.

Gallantry Medals Awarded to "Men of the Mumbles"

Prior to the foundation of the Mumbles lifeboat station, between 1833 and 1840, ten Silver medals were awarded to individuals who lived at Aberavon and Neath in respect of shoreboat services performed locally. These awards are now attributed by the RNLI to the Mumbles station. From that time "Men of the Mumbles" have continued to receive the Institution's recognition of their deeds and the following gallantry medals have been awarded to Mumbles lifeboat crewmen:

Date of Vote Recipient Award Casualty
1883  Jenkin Jenkins Silver  Admiral Prinz Adalbert
1941  William Gammon Bronze  Cornish Rose
Robert Williams Bronze Cornish Rose
1944 William Gammon Gold Cheboque
Gilbert Davies Bronze Cheboque
Thomas Ace Bronze Cheboque
1964  Derek Scott Silver Kilo
1968 Derek Scott Bronze Steepholm
1971 Derek Scott Silver A canoe

Mumbles Roll Of Honour

Lifeboatmen of the Mumbles have given their lives on service on the following occasions:

27 January 1883

1 February 1903

23 April 1947




John Jenkins, 2nd coxswain

Thomas Rogers, coxswain

William Gammon, coxswain

William Jerkins

Daniel Claypitt, 2nd coxswain

William Noel, 2nd coxswain

William Macnamara

George Michael

Gilbert Davies, mechanic

William Rogers

James Gammon

Ernest Griffin, assistant mechanic


Robert Smith

William R. S. Thomas, bowman


David John Morgan

William L Howell



William RonaId Thomas



Richard Smith

The 1883 disaster was survived by 9 members of the crew and that of 1903 was survived by 8 crewmen. There were no survivors of the Edward, Prince of Wales disaster of 1947.