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Lakeside / RNLI 24 Hour Race
Ferry Meadows, Peterborough

The primary purpose of the event is to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution though it does turn into a good social event with the barbie going all night and liquid refreshments available from the Lakeside Bar and Cafe. In 1998 the leading boat completed approximately 84 miles in modest winds - over 200 laps! A team of Race Officers and safety boat crews, lap counters, etc are on duty throughout. In addition to sponsorship obtained by each boat, collections are made from spectators, visitors to the cafe and anyone else who will contribute.

Teams of any number of people (a minimum of 6-8 is recommended) race their team's vessel round the course for 24 hours. There are no restrictions on how long each crew sails, though 2 hours seems to be accepted as a reasonable maximum for a shift. Deciding the number and timing of changeovers is part of the tactics for each team but the usual maximum time between changes is about 2 hours. The aim is for the vessel to complete as many laps as possible in the 24 hours. Results are calculated using boats published handicaps - Portsmouth Number's where available - but we have been known to improvise to cover other (non-engined) craft, particularly sailboards! All is overseen by the Chairman of the Peterborough RNLI branch who, ever full of enthusiasm and optimism, establishes his "counting house" caravan in the dinghy park for the weekend!

Money raised by the Lakeside Sailing Club's annual 24 hour races - inaugurated in 1998:

1998        1,230
1999 2,415
2000 2,602
2001 5,098
2002 3,043
2003 2,880
2004 Still counting...
2005 2,880

We seek and invite families, clubs, class associations, schools, workplaces, trade associations or any group or organisation to enter teams for ninth race, which will be in 23rd & 24th June 2007
All are invited to join in - folk don't have to sail or even stay for the full 24 hours - many are only able to pop in and sail or support their team for a couple of hours. 
If you don't know anyone who is running a team and can't get enough people to form your own team DON'T WORRY we offer a 'dating service' to join together people to make up numbers. For further information and to let us know you want to take part please contact;

"Race Officer" & Committee Chairman RNLI Peterborough Lakeside Leisure
John Gray
40 Balintore Drive
Orton Southgate,
 Mob: 07941 781192   
Barry Easom
Lakeside Leisure,
Watersports Centre,
Ferry Meadows,
home (01733) 236674

 Read the Ninth Peterborough Lakeside Annual 24 Hour Race for the Lifeboats of the RNLI - 24th & 25th June 2006 Report

"The Chairman From Hell Gives One to the Adjutant!"

On average, RNLI lifeboats launch over 6,500 times every year and save 1,300 lives.
RNLI lifeboats have saved over 133,500 lives since it was founded in 1824.