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Peterborough Beer Festival
Embankment, Peterborough

Peterborough Beer Festival 1 - picture courtesy of Redcar Lifeboat Station

For several years collections for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have been made at Peterborough's Beer Festival, which is now the biggest locally organised real ale festival in Britain.

Visitor's loose change has already paid for a new D-class inshore lifeboat, named Peterborough Beer Festival I, and equipment for Redcar lifeboat station and a second boat that will probably be stationed in Wales. Further collections will go toward the purchase of an Atlantic 75 (costing 75,000).

To find out more, take a look at the Redcar RNLI site. The Naming Ceremony and Service of Dedication for the boat was held on 13th June 1998.

Stormy Sam, the RNLI's mascot, meets the 1932 Sentinal steam lorry, a brewers dray from Hertford at Peterborough Beer Festival 2002

News is that Peterborough Beer Festival II will be based at RNLI Mumbles Station in South Wales. For more info on the Mumbles Station, click here.

Year Amount
 1991   1,208
1992 2,093
1993 3,247 
1994 4,808
1995 5,892
1996 5,990
1997 6,283
1998 9,203
1999 10,641
2000 12,325
2001 14,004
2002 15,385

On average, RNLI lifeboats launch over 6,500 times every year and save 1,300 lives.
RNLI lifeboats have saved over 133,500 lives since it was founded in 1824.