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1 February 2009

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Peterborough Community Website - www.peterborough.net - has seen a progressive increase in visitors during the course of 2002. But January 2003 statistics showed a massive 44,500+ visitors for the month, almost 10,000 per month more than the same period in 2002.

The 44,521 visitors, some of whom are from all over the world, viewed a total of 258,858 pages over the month, giving a total of 2.75 million pages loaded in the last 12 months!

Community Site content manager, Jenny Mogford said: "We're delighted with the figures, we hope that our changing content, directory of local websites, voluntary columnists and contributors, will encourage more return visits during the course of each month."

Trends show the busiest times on the site to be weekday lunch periods, between midday and 3pm. Although evening usage has increased, which could indicate that the local availability of broadband at fixed rates is promoting more off-peak private use.

The site is quite unique generating a local online community of regular visitors, without the support of any other more traditional media. Many businesses have found this a productive way to promote their business via banner advertising, which in turn supports the website.

It also attracts potential visitors to the city, both business and pleasure and has referred more than 1,500 visitors to the Positively Peterborough site since sporting the logo on the homepage. The website team have also helped many over the years by sharing personal local knowledge via email or referring people to those who can provide the information requested.

"These visitor figures are actually quite exceptional for an independent Community website of this type." Jenny continued.

"We hope that with the provision of new and interesting content and our success will continue."





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Jenny Mogford 

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