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Peterborough UK
03:33 on Sunday
1 February 2009

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The Summer That Never Was - in Peterborough 

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The UK cover for The Summer That Never Was

Peterborough Community Website - www.peterborough.net - put Peterborough on the Best Seller list by helping novelist, Peter Robinson with research on his latest book.

The Inspector Bank series are set mostly in Yorkshire, birthplace of Peter Robinson, who now lives in Canada. But The Summer That Never Was, the thirteenth novel, goes back to his main character's birthplace, Peterborough, UK!...

... Close to the A1 a skeleton has been unearthed. Soon the body is identified, and the horrific discovery hits the headlines... Fourteen-year-old Graham Marshall went missing in Peterborough during his paper round in 1965. The police found no trace of him. His disappearance left his family shattered, and his best friend, Alan Banks, full of guilt... 

Website content editor, Jenny Mogford said: "I was contacted via email early in 2002 by Peter Robinson, who was trying to finalise his research on Peterborough for the book. I put him in touch with a contact at Cambridgeshire Constabulary and also contributed a few things that where included in the final product."

The book is published in the UK and Canada, but under a different title 'Close To Home' in the US, and carries thanks to Jenny and www.peterborough.net in the acknowledgements at the back. It reached the UK Best Seller list in January 2003.

Jenny continued: "It was great fun helping Peter with his research and hopefully helping to promote Peterborough in some way, even if this is a pretty gruesome murder mystery. I now treasure my own autographed copy and have read the previous book, Aftermath and intend to keep going until I've read them all."

For local people reading The Summer That Never Was has added interest too as there's mention of quite a few well known places. You can find a review online at www.peterborough.net or visit www.inspectorbanks.com to find out more about the whole series.





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