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Peterborough UK
18:48 on Saturday
31 January 2009

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Peterborough Community Website – www.peterborough.net - is certainly living up to its reputation for keeping locals informed about what’s going on in the area – even to the extent of bringing them a locally written horoscope column!

Local astrologer Caroline Moroz will be writing monthly horoscopes for the site, bringing a cosmic flavour of what’s in store for site visitors. The column will launch on the 19th April. Jenny Mogford, Peterborough Community Website content editor, explains:

“At Peterborough.net we’ve always been committed to bringing local news and views to the community. Horoscope columns are a popular way for the public to gain an introduction to the fascinating subject of astrology, and we’re delighted to be able to work in collaboration with a local astrologer in best Peterborough.net tradition!

“Caroline’s website is already listed as part of our comprehensive local business directory, so approaching her to write a column especially for us seemed a logical step to take.”

“We’re sure that regular visitors to the site will be delighted to take a peek at what’s in store for them every month!”

Visitors to www.peterborough.net will be able to follow the link from the homepage to read their horoscope.





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For more information contact:
Jenny Mogford 

Tel: 01733 562487 
Fax: 01733 562181 

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