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17:01 on Friday
25 July 2008

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City hosts Muslim women's event

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Gladstone Connect Board met recently and endorsed the Mehfil e Zikr nabi wa aal e nabi (Remembrance of the Prophet and the Prophet's Family) event  which took place in Peterborough on 26 January.

 Gladstone Connect

The event is a national event and is for women only. They had sisters visit from London, Nelson, Bradford, Luton, Bedford, Nottingham, Burnley, Manchester, Huntingdon and Nottingham, although the majority were from Peterborough.

It is the first time Peterborough has hosted a large scale event for Muslim women and it will at Faizan e Madina Mosque.

Noor Tv is a new media channel and will be showing the programme on TV, who will be fundraising towards the Development of women's programmes.

The Guest speaker was Sister Yvonne Ridley, award winning journalist, who will be delivering speech on: Standing up for the Ummah?

Guest of Honour Hazrat Allama Peer Allaudin Siddiqui Sahib - Chair of Noor Tv, Birmingham.

The programme delivered a message of love peace and unity, also diversity.

Ed Murphy Programme Director of Gladstone Connect commented, “This is a first for Peterborough which will enhance Peterborough’s reputation as an important regional location.

"The Faizana e Madina Mosque is the largest in East Anglia and millions of pounds was raised locally to build it, hopefully we will see the development of more community programmes within the building with a growth in activities for women, improving community cohesion and learning and skill in central Peterborough”.

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