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25 July 2008

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Council launches new style timetable pack

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A host of features have been included in Peterborough's latest bus timetable folder to help residents plan their route by bus.

Choose the best ticket tariff and even find out how to reach local attractions and other places of interest.

In addition, the full-colour folder contains a new A-Z style transport map for the city, which includes the entire Peterborough bus network, cycle network and key walking links across the city.

It has been produced in a ring-binder format so that owners can quickly and easily replace old and out of date information.


By completing a simple registration form, users of the booklet will receive quarterly updates containing the latest bus service timetables, transport map tiles as well as any updates on Peterborough City Council’s Travelchoice project.

"We are aware that a common concern of bus users is accurate timetable information,” said Teresa Wood, passenger transport team manager at Peterborough City Council. “We have designed this latest bus timetable folder to allow bus passengers to easily register for scheduled updates. We will then ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest transport information.”

Whilst reference copies will be supplied free to such places as libraries and the tourist information centre, the new timetable booklets will also be available from the Travelchoice Centre inside Queensgate Bus Station at a cost of £5 each from Monday (21 May).

Individual timetables for the majority of Peterborough’s bus services are available free of charge from the Travelchoice Centre. Alternatively, the complete, new timetable booklet and individual timetables for all Peterborough bus services can be downloaded from www.travelchoice.org.uk.

Reference copies of the new timetable booklet will be distributed to such locations as libraries and hospitals in and around Peterborough. Any other organisations requiring a free reference copy of the timetable booklet should email [email protected] or call (01733) 747474.

For further information on the new timetable booklet, the Bus Users’ Forum or other transport related schemes visit www.travelchoice.org.uk.

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