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8 September 2008

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Jackson slams Chancellor's final stealthy budget

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Local MP Stewart Jackson has today slammed the Chancellor’s 11th budget as his stealthiest yet.

Stewart Jackson MP

Brown has paid for his 2p cut in income tax by abolishing the 10p rate and putting National Insurance Contributions up for professionals like doctors. The Treasury claim it’s a £2.5bn cut in tax. That’s because they ignore the £2.6bn rise in NIC over two years.

His three income tax changes on working families are not a tax cut, but raise £340 million extra revenue.

Brown has increased borrowing again by £8bn over the next five years. He is borrowing over twice the amount he spends on law and order.

The Chancellor plans to share the proceeds of growth. Stewart has welcomed this admission by the Chancellor that Conservative policy is the right one for Britain’s future. After attacking the Opposition for this policy as recently as last month, he has been forced into a full U-turn.

Finally, the local Member of Parliament raises one crucial point - after 101 stealth taxes, no wonder people are all asking “where has all our money gone?”

Stewart commented: “This Budget is bad for Peterborough. Locally, there will be no new money for police and nothing new for our local health service, but borrowing will continue to rise.

“It punishes the many young working people on low incomes who will be worse off as the 10p tax band is doubled and National Insurance is increased as well as those trying to to get on the property ladder. It will also mean a higher tax bill for most of our local small businesses whilst giving tax breaks to big corporations.

“As ever, Gordon Brown takes more than he will be giving of our money."

Stewart Jackson was elected in May 2005 to represent the Peterborough constituency in the House of Commons. To find out more about him, his views and activities, visit his website at www.stewartjackson.org.uk

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