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Shed and garage security

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Shed and garage security very often falls way down the list of household priorities, yet there are usually expensive and desirable items stored there.

There may even be tools that a would-be burglar could use to gain entry to the home, or attack the home. It is therefore vitally important that the shed and garage are secure.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary

With the lighter nights the police are seeing more reports of attempted or actual break ins to garages and sheds - a leaflet has now been produced by the Community Safety Unit in Bridge Street to give advice to residents on how best to protect garages and sheds by updating and improving locks, doors, windows, lighting and your perimeter protection, main points include:

  • Make sure doors are substantial. The door should be hung on strong hinges that are secured with coach bolts or clutch head screws, as ordinary fixings can be easily unscrewed.

  • If the door is thick enough, get hinge bolts to protect the hinge side of the door.

  • Fit a hasp, staple and padlock and make sure it is bolted through.

  • Fit a five lever mortice lock to each side of a metal up and over door to improve security.

  • When choosing a padlock go for either a hardened shackle padlock, close shackle padlock, disc padlock, or an anvil sliding bolt padlock and use a substantial padbar (hasp and staple) or locking plate.

  • All opening windows require good window locks. If you never open them, consider screwing them firmly shut from the inside and cover with a grill.

For a copy of the leaflet contact the Community Safety Unit on 0845 456 456 4.

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