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25 July 2008

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Councillors call for more Environmental Wardens

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Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald, Councillor Graham Murphy and Councillor John Peach the newly elected leader of Peterborough City Council are leading the way in calling for more environmental wardens to be deployed across the city.

Peterborough currently has a team of 4 enforcement wardens operating across the city although Councillors and Officers alike would like to see that number doubled to eight and spread across the city as soon as possible and finances allow.

Wayne Fitzgerald said “This would be particularly good news for local communities, especially Bretton who have more than their fair share of problems when it comes to littering, fly tipping and dog fouling. Bretton is a very large area and has a lot of green and open spaces which some in society choose to mistreat, for example, by letting their dogs loose to foul the areas where children play. Having more wardens on patrol with the new enforcement powers under the “Clean Neighbourhoods Act” can only be good for Peterborough as a whole”. Councillor Graham Murphy who also strongly supports this initiative added ” We need to tackle the problem at a grass roots level and having more wardens patrolling the streets of Peterborough will send out a strong message that we will not tolerate inconsiderate or anti social behaviour from anyone. The wardens will have the powers to issue fixed penalty fines, or serve enforcement notices on landowners to tidy up their act where they are found to be in breach of the legislation.

On a related theme Councillor Fitzgerald along with fellow North Bretton Councillor Pat Nash are also pressing the council to investigate the funding of a full time Park Ranger for Bretton Park, a post that is currently only part time. “We will be working hard to try and find the funds to make this position a priority. We think it is important to have a recognised authority figure in the park for as many hours as possible. On the practical side there is a lot of upkeep required in the park, which we both believe, warrants a full time job for someone, saving the tax payers money in the long run with less vandalism and anti social behaviour occurring as a result of more direct supervision”.

If you have any comment or a complaint to make about environmental issues in Peterborough or wish to report any person(s) who may have possibly committed an offence such as littering, dog fouling or fly tipping then call Peterborough City Council’s Environmental Enforcement team for advice on what to do next on Peterborough 747474.

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