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25 July 2008

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Litter louts could be identified

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A campaign, which would see photographs of people who drop litter published to help with their identification is being considered by Peterborough City Council.


Once identified the culprits would face a fine of up to £75 in a crack-down on anti-social behaviour, which falls inline with the tough stance being taken by the city council on enforcement and anti-social behaviour.

The scheme involves CCTV operators recording any examples of littering in the city before issuing an image of the offender for publication. A unique reference number with the time and date the offence took place would be attributed to each image being published, with a request for people to ‘name and shame’ anybody they recognise.

Peterborough City Council Leader Councillor John Peach said: “We have a range of initiatives already in place to tackle people who irresponsibly discard litter and impair the city’s appearance. This innovative scheme would give us another weapon to target those who blight our city.

“We want Peterborough to be a litter-free zone and will take whatever action is necessary to impress this ideal on residents and visitors alike. There are scores of bins available across the city to dispose of rubbish, so there is simply no excuse for dropping it.”

Similar schemes being employed by neighbouring authorities have proved extremely successful. The amount of litter being dropped in their streets has decreased, while a large number of those people pictured being identified and fined.

Mike Brown, the city council’s head of environmental and public protection, said: “I think this is an excellent idea. CCTV operators already have the procedures in place and are active in targeting people for vehicle littering. This type of addition to existing practices would be an excellent development of the service.”

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