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8 August 2008

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Environmental wardens to lead neighbourhood clean-up campaign

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A team of ‘environmental wardens’ will be given power to impose fixed penalties to combat graffiti, litter, abandoned cars and other problems under new measures suggested for adoption by Peterborough City Council on 11 October.


The wardens, wearing distinctive uniforms, will work with local residents, ward councillors and community groups, to penalise the minority of people damaging the quality of life for the law-abiding majority.

Council Leader Councillor John Peach said: “Anti-social behaviour by a small number of people who are responsible for litter, fly-tipping, graffiti and abandoned vehicles has a serious impact on the lives of thousands of residents. It also damages the reputation of Peterborough as a good place to live and work.

“We want these environmental wardens to convey a strong message that people who damage the environment in this way are not welcome in Peterborough. In fact, we believe that the income generated by issuing £75 penalty tickets to these culprits will help cover the costs of employing the environmental wardens.

“As a local authority we have limited power to influence global environmental issues. However, the biggest issues for most people are associated with their neighbourhood and we are determined to take the necessary action to protect their immediate environment.”

The proposal to set up a team of environmental wardens was presented to the full meeting of the city council at Peterborough Town Hall last night (Wednesday).

Meanwhile, a city council climate change working group set up in September 2004, will present its recommendations to a meeting of the environment policy overview committee on 17 October. If approved, the report will be presented to the city council’s Cabinet in November and come to full council in December.

The strategy aims to promote effective measures that will reduce Peterborough’s contribution to global warming and climate changes such as rising sea levels, flash floods, droughts, heat waves and gales. These weather changes could result in further problems, such as heat-related deaths, increases in skin cancer and cataracts, a rise in food poisoning and other sicknesses, higher levels of air pollution and an increase in invasive insects.

The city council has already made a commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its own activities by 20 per cent by 2011. It is also working with other public, private and charitable organisations to reduce their contributions to climate change, such as by using ‘green’ energy suppliers and improving energy efficiency in residential and business properties.

In 2004, the city council signed a ‘Nottingham Declaration’ making a commitment to take action to reduce its contribution to climate change. The report suggests that significant improvements can be achieved under existing policies and by modifying future plans.

For example, an estimated 1.38 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted in Peterborough annually, with 38 per cent caused by industry and commerce, 31 per cent from domestic properties and 28 per cent from road transport. Within the transport segment, private cars are responsible for 79 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions, with most cars typically travelling less than three miles.

The city council’s Travelchoice initiative is already promoting alternatives to ‘single-occupant’ car journeys. Other measures include the use of street light dimming capability on the city’s parkway network, installing water-saving devices, reducing waste and increasing recycling.

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