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23 July 2008

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Conservatives now have 40 or Peterborough's 57 seats

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Conservatives increased their control of Peterborough City Council in local elections on 3 May 2007, winning six seats and losing one to raise their total representation from 35 seats to 40.

The remaining 17 seats are held by six Independents, five Minority Parties, four Liberal-Democrats and two Labour.


There was drama when the count at Peterborough Town Hall saw the defeat of several long-standing councillors.

Labour stalwart Ray Palmer lost his Stanground Central seat to Conservative Marco Cereste; Labour’s Colin Caborn lost to Conservative Sue Day in Paston; Labour’s Angus Ellis lost his Bretton North ward to Conservative Darren Morley; Independent Bob Burke lost to Conservative Paula Thacker in Werrington South; Conservative Raja Akhtar lost to Labour’s Zahid Hussain in Central Ward; and Liberal-Democrat John Crane lost his Orton Waterville seat to Conservative Sue Allen.

Voting figures for the 19 seats (with defending candidates marked with an asterisk*) were:

Bretton North – Darren Morley (Con win) 844; Angus Alexander Ellis* (Lab) 732; Rohan Cameron Stuart Wilson (Lib-Dem) 273; Frances Agnes Fox (UK Independence) 256. Turnout 32.4 per cent.

Bretton South – Michael Fletcher* (Con hold) 461; David Michael Hankins (Ind) 218; Peter Michael Ward (Lab) 134. Turnout 36.19 per cent.

Central – Zahid Hussain (Lab win) 1,900; Raja Akhtar* (Con) 1,412; Dave Robson (Lib) 182; Di Newman (Green) 131. Turnout 55.26 per cent.

Dogsthorpe – Bella Saltmarsh* (Lib hold) 1,265; Samantha Jane Smith (Con) 328; Tina Scrine (Lab) 226; Nicola Rodgers (Green) 120. Turnout 31 per cent.

East – Mark Trevor Collins* (Con hold) 1,175; Muhammad Ikram (Lib-Dem) 412; Mohammed Jamil (Lab) 552; Sally Josephine Plummer (Green) 222. Turnout 36.56 per cent.

Fletton – Matthew Edward Lee* (Con hold) 1,011; Robert Peter Orton (Lab) 561; James de Silva (Lib) 183; Ian Peter Tennant (Green) 172. Turnout 27 per cent.

North – Charles William Swift* (Independent hold) 1,241; Bill Hackett (Con) 201. Turnout 37.54 per cent.

Northborough – Peter John Hiller* (Con hold) 579; Simon Bruce Potter (Ind) 412; Ashley John Baxter (Green) 72. Turnout 49 per cent.

Orton Longueville – Graham Christopher Murphy* (Con hold) 912; Joan Natalie Ruth Ellis (Lib-Dem) 567; Peter Adrian Stephen Heinrich (Lab) 417. Turnout 26 per cent.

Orton Waterville – Sue Allen (Con win) 1,256; John David Crane* (Lib-Dem) 1,103; David Stanley Weaver (Lab) 221. Turnout 40 per cent.

Orton with Hampton – Nigel Victor North (Con win) 1,115; Adam Tucker (Green) 358. Turnout 26 per cent.

Park – Yvonne Desiree Lowndes* (Con hold) 1,408; Abdul Aziz (Lab) 770; Fiona Jane Radic (Green) 252; Simon John Evans (Lib) 108; Abdul Hamid (Lib-Dem) 83. Turnout 45.46 per cent.

Paston – Sue Day (Con win) 735; Colin Caborn* (Lab) 479; Christine Cunningham (Lib) 396. Turnout 29.76 per cent.

Ravensthorpe – Harry Newton* (Con hold) 722; John Richard Knowles (Lab) 433; Mohammed Younis (Ind) 162; Roger Hughes (Ind) 155. Turnout 31.2 per cent.

Stanground Central – Marco Cereste (Con win) 1,105; Ray Palmer* (Lab) 1,001. Turnout 33 per cent.

Stanground East – Janet Elizabeth Wilkinson* (Con hold) 335; Robert Rennie Harris (Ind) 216; Ann Sylvester (Lab) 177. Turnout 34 per cent.

Werrington North – Judy Fox* (Ind hold) 1,143; Colin John Burton (Con) 622; Janet Susan Goodacre (Lab) 155; Richard David Olive (Lib-Dem) 93. Turnout 35.22 per cent.

Werrington South – Paula Vivien Thacker (Con win) 979; Sheila Walsh (Lib-Dem Focus) 757; Bob Burke* (Ind) 693; Vincent Stanley Moon (Lab and Co-op) 180. Turnout 47.7 per cent.

West – Matthew John Dalton* (Con) 1,908; Michael William Langford (Lab) 559; Bob Ellis (Green) 313. Turnout 43 per cent.

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