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17:25 on Monday
12 May 2008

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Conservatives increase city council control

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Conservatives increased their control of Peterborough City Council in local elections on Thursday 1 May, gaining five seats – to secure a total of 43 seats.


The remaining 14 seats are held by four Independents, five Minority Parties and others, three Liberal-Democrats, and two Labour.

Two Conservative gains were cause for a family celebration with father Charles Day taking one of the Walton seats and his son David Day taking the Paston ward seat. David’s mother Sue is already a Paston councillor.

Two former mayors of Peterborough lost their seats this year. Independent David Raines lost his Werrington South seat to Conservative Colin Burton and Independent John Bartlett lost his Eye and Thorney seat to Conservative Ray Dobbs.

Voting figures for the 20 seats (with defending candidates marked with an asterisk*) were:

• Barnack - Martin Edward Bamford (Green) 193 votes; David Edward Over* (Conservative hold) 816 votes – turnout 45 per cent. • Bretton North - Penelope Anne Fower (Liberal Democrat) 241 votes; Colin Stuart Martin (Labour) 630 votes; Patricia Ann Nash* (Conservative hold) 1030 votes. • Central - Shaukat Ali (Conservative) 1351 votes; Nazim Khan (Labour gain) 1540 votes; Diana Margaret Newman (Green) 211 votes; Mohammad Younis (Liberal Democrat) 296 votes.

• Dogsthorpe - Ronald Clifford Graves (Labour) 187 votes; Adrian James Miners* (Liberal hold) 1356 votes; Nicola Rodgers (Green) 81 votes; Linzer Kaur Sidhu (Conservative) 222 votes – turnout 34 per cent.

• East - Simon Edward Collister (Labour) 438 votes; Stephen Kenneth Savill Goldspink* (Conservative hold) 1142 votes; Mohammad Manazar Hussain (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 279 votes; Sally Josephine Plummer (Green) 209 votes.

• Eye & Thorney - John Ernest Graham Bartlett* (Independent) 746 votes; Raymond John Dobbs (Conservative gain) 941 votes; Ann Sylvester (Labour) 154 votes – turnout 43 per cent. • Fletton Ward - Frances Elizabeth Benton (Conservative hold) 1239 votes; Christina Jane Scrine (Labour) 631 votes – turnout 28.5 per cent.

• Glinton & Wittering - John Frederick White Holdich* (Conservative hold) 1378 votes; Karen Denise How (Green) 101 votes; Amy O'Boyle (UK Independence) 117 votes; Johanna Clair Potter (Independent) 312 votes – turnout 39.8 per cent.

• Orton Longueville - Alan William Fromm (UK Independence) 206 votes; Peter Adrian Stephen Heinrich (Labour) 370 votes; Joan Wilkinson (Green) 187 votes; Pamela Mary Winslade* (Conservative hold) 1022 votes. • Orton Waterville - John David Crane (Liberal Democrats) 894 votes; Gavin Anthony Elsey (Conservative gain) 1384 votes; David Stanley Weaver (Labour) 193 votes – turnout 41.6 per cent. • Orton with Hampton - Arthur Robin Ashman (UK Independence) 100 votes; Saima Husain (Green) 67 votes; Karen Peet (Liberal) 101 votes; Mary Beatrice Rainey (Labour) 227 votes; David Antony Seaton (Conservative hold) 1155 votes – turnout 27.8 per cent.

• Park - Simon John Evans (Liberal) 79 votes; Abdul Hamid (Liberal Democrat) 120 votes; Graham Michael King (Labour) 263 votes; John Philip Peach* (Conservative hold) 1723 votes; Fiona Jane Radic (Green) 274 votes.

• Paston - Colin Caborn (Labour) 385 votes; David Charles Day (Conservative gain) 826 votes; Susan Lovelock (Liberal) 309 votes – turnout 31 per cent. • Ravensthorpe - Roger Bruce Hughes (Independent) 228 votes; Amjad Iqbal (Labour) 553 votes; Gul Nawaz* (Conservative hold) 855 votes – turnout 41 per cent.

• Stanground Central - John Richard Knowles (Labour) (462 votes); Irene Walsh* (Conservative hold) 1060 votes; Christopher Robert York (Independent) 504 votes – turnout 32.5 per cent.

• Walton x 2 seats - Charles George Day (Conservative gain) 645 votes; John Richard Matthew Johnson (Conservative) 610 votes; James Nicholas Sandford* (Liberal Democrat Focus Team hold) 736 votes; Marianne Joyce Walker (Labour) 145 votes; Rohan Cameron Stuart Wilson (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 522 votes – turnout 37.4 per cent.

• Werrington North - June Mary Bull (Conservative) 390 votes; John Raymond Fox* (Independent hold) 1288 votes; Janet Susan Goodacre (Labour) 135 votes; Sheila Walsh (Liberal Democrat) (91 votes) – turnout 34.67 per cent.

• Werrington South - Colin John Burton (Conservative gain) 972 votes; Vincent Stanley Moon (Labour and Co-Operative) 141 votes; Richard Olive (Liberal Democrat Focus) 742 votes; David Raines* (Independent) 706 votes – turnout 48.7 per cent.

• West Ward - Ashley John Baxter (Green) 99 votes; Robert Edmund Burke (Independent) 758 votes; Muhammad Ikram (Liberal Democrat) 93 votes; Mohammed Sabir (Labour) 466 votes; Samantha Jane Smith (Conservative hold) 1683 votes.

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