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22:32 on Wednesday
23 July 2008

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Grange Road development

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The Peterborough Labour Parliamentary Spokesperson has intervened over conservative proposals to build flats and houses on the Grange road allotment site.

Ed Murphy - Peterborough Parliamentary Spokesperson

Ed was invited to meet residents about neighbourhood concerns on Monday evening of this week and has now contacted the secretary of state concerning the practices and policies of Peterborough Conservative Council.

Ed Murphy Labour Parliamentary candidate for Peterborough hopes that the city council will withdraw its own planning proposal as it is not in line with government policy and is opposed by many local residents.

Ed Murphy commented, “We were told by a conservative councillor at the residents meeting that these plans were known about six years ago, however the conservative council leader has indicated that they can be withdrawn if there is public concern.

"I am astonished it has taken the conservatives six years to work out that there is public opposition to the loss of green space in order to make short term profits from opportunist housing developments. The city council should get on with building on brown field sites, reducing the number of empty dwellings and consider how new townships and Hampton can provided decent new homes, we also have the south bank and opportunities to develop former industrial sites.

"Concerning allotments and green spaces these should be protected and I am concerned about practices carried out by this council which have not promoted or protected green space and allotments.

"Indeed it may be that the conservatives have actively searched for ways to sell off such sites in order to boost council coffers. This is a very short term approach and is highly detrimental to the long term environment” Ed added “

The cost of the planning application and any consultants fees on what is a speculative venture could have been put toward improvement of local amenities – the scheme is not acceptable to residents and may face legal obstacles – lets not waste anymore council tax on this one”.

For more information contact Ed Murphy via the Peterborough Labour Party website.


Ed Murphy is the Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough www.peterboroughlabourparty.com

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