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23 July 2008

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More than 660 homes in Peterborough have stood empty for at least six months - despite the fact that 8,000 people are on the housing waiting list.

Ed Murphy - Peterborough Parliamentary Spokesperson

Peterborough Constituency Labour party is taking action to highlight the strain empty houses can put on society and their possible use for criminal activity.

Parliamentary Candidate Ed Murphy has organised a survey asking neighbours and Labour party members to identify empty properties so that they can be properly managed and brought back into use. A special newsletter circulated in West Peterborough (Bretton, Ravensthorpe and West Wards) has called on residents to report empty dwellings. Particularly if they have stood empty for over 6 months.

Ed has been out in neighbourhoods such as Ravensthorpe, Bretton, Longhthorpe distributing information and identifying empty properties. He has also been to Thorney, Newborough, Eye and Peakirk now part of Peterbororough constituency.

Ed has been a housing campaigner for many years and he ran successful campaigns get MOD homes in Cottesmore close and for empty Police houses in Cambridgeshire to be brought back into use.

If you have empty homes in your street contact the empty homes officer on 01733 747474, action can be taken especially if they have been vacant for over 6 months.

Ed Commented “Peterborough has too many empty homes and a number of homes which have been used for anti social and illegal activities. I have contacted government ministers to see if dwellings can be confiscated from Landlords letting them be used for serious criminal activities and Peterborough city Council have powers to take action”.

“We have recently been visiting neighbourhoods and encouraging residents to report suspicious dwellings and also ensure that empty properties are brought back into use. In the last month we have visited almost a third of the streets in the constituency - over 10,000 properties.

"We have even identified empty homes in the Villages - however they were greatly out numbered by new homes under construction and most empty dwellings did seem to be for sale. However some streets have been blighted by houses left neglected and I am determined that this wasteful, unsightly and costly blight is tackled”.

For more information contact Ed Murphy via the Peterborough Labour Party website.


Ed Murphy is the Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough www.peterboroughlabourparty.com

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