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2 October 2008

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Could you give an unwanted dog a home?

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Peterborough City Councilís dog warden service picks up approximately 450 stray dogs every year.

About half of the dogs picked up by the service are never claimed back, so they are placed in rescue centres for re-homing to new owners in safe and loving homes.

Most of the dogs placed in rescue centres are animals that are looking for love, care and attention. They have a lot to offer, with unique personalities and characters, and are assessed as to their suitability to be re-homed with new owners.


There are many varieties and ages of dogs at the rescue centres, so at any given time, there are likely to be several dogs available which will suit different potential dog owners and their circumstances.

Peter Harris, the city councilís pest and dog service manager, said: ďIf you are looking for a dog as a lifetime companion and you can offer an unwanted dog a stable, loving new home, please contact one of the many animal rescue centres, such as TJC Kennels in Wisbech, where there are several types of dogs available for potential new owners to view.Ē

However, before taking on a new dog, people need to consider their decision carefully. The city council has a useful information guide regarding responsible dog ownership, which is available on the councilís website at http://www.peterborough.gov.uk/page-191.

The guide is intended to help would-be dog owners understand the needs and requirements in taking on a new dog.

If you are considering offering a loving new home to an unwanted dog, you can contact TJC Kennels in Wisbech, on (01945) 583177 or Wood Green in Godmanchester, on 08701 90 40 90.

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