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25 July 2008

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Drivers warned to stop for children’s safety

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Peterborough City Council’s School Crossing Patrol Service will be targeting drivers who place children’s lives at risk by failing to stop at school crossings at the launch of its 2006/07 ‘Stop Means Stop’ campaign in Cathedral Square, Peterborough, on Friday 29 September at 10.30am.

The campaign, organised in partnership with the Eastern Region Road Safety Group, aims to make drivers aware that they are legally bound by the 1984 Road Traffic Act to stop at patrol crossings when instructed or face the prospect of prosecution.

Stop means stop

Courts have the power to levy fines of up to £1,000, add points to licences or even impose driving bans on drivers who fail to stop at school crossing patrols.

‘Stop Means Stop’ will be promoted by radio advertisements, city centre posters, display boards at various patrol sites and leaflets. Stickers and leaflets have been distributed to all new reception year children who have a school crossing patroller at their school. They will also be available at doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, libraries, service stations and city centre council offices throughout Peterborough.

The city council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary are concerned that as well as putting children’s lives at risk, drivers who fail to stop at crossings are also endangering the lives of school crossing patrol officers and members of the public.

The top five complaints about drivers from patrol staff are: failing to stop; driving around patrollers while children are crossing; abusive language; making threats of physical violence; and intimidating the patroller and children by revving their engines and creeping forward to try to force them to cross the road more quickly.

Julia Potkins, school crossing patrol officer for the city council, said: “School crossing patrols play an important role in ensuring that children cross to and from school safely. The job of crossing children safely over busy roads at peak times already has its risks and inconsiderate drivers or those who are not fully aware of the law compound those existing dangers.

“I would ask that drivers travelling through areas where there are schools and where patrol officers are operating please allow more time for your journey, to slow down and be ready stop when requested to do so."

September 2006




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