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20:19 on Friday
8 August 2008

The Party Place - award winning fireworks all year round


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Affordable website for start-up and small businesses

One of the largest stocks of used commercial vehicles in the Eastern Region

Peterborough Property and Mortgage Bureau - look before you leap

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Julie Reinger Interview
Bob Hillier finds out what it takes to be a TV presenter with BBC Look East's Julie Reinger ... more

Louise Jameson Interview
Bob Hillier talks to Louise ahead of her appearance at the Key in Nobody's Fool ... more

Jim BaconJim Bacon Interview
Bob Hillier talks with Jim and gets the low-down on our local weather ... more

Hayes says religion and politics must mix
Local MP talks of importance of active faith in politics ... more

News from the Liberal DemocratsNews from the Liberal Democrats

Innovative youth group takes action!
Peterborough Young Liberal Democrats ... more

Contributions from all parties welcome, just email your news to the Content Editor

The naming of Peterborough Beer Festival 2
The RNLI sees a second boat officially go into service ... more

Colin JacksonOlympic Medal Winners to visit Peterborough
Barnardo's Charity Question of Sport event ... more

Missing Persons
Have you seen these people? To check missing persons profile ... click here

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