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23 July 2008

The Party Place - voted the UK's No 1 party shop


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One of the largest stocks of used commercial vehicles in the Eastern Region

Peterborough Property and Mortgage Bureau - look before you leap

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Food for thought
Top tips on taking care of your body and improving digestion ... more

Speeding up your metabolism to burn fat faster
Tips on burning fat faster, with Bibi Apampa ... more

Loosing fat without trying
Fat loss can be easy and stress free if you follow these simple tips ... more

Thinking of downsizing?
Denise did and slimmed down four dress sizes! ... more

New stammering self-help group
Peterborough Stammering Self Help Group has it's first meeting in May ... more

Become fit, trim and remarkably healthy
Steps to a healthier, fitter trimmer you, with Bibi Apampa ... more

Self Help for Smokers
Some practical help ... more

Testicular Cancer - diagnosis & treatment
Article by Chris Dawson, Consultant Urologist ... more

The answer to every woman’s dream?
Loose up to 12inches from your waist, hips and thighs, in just one session ... more

Digest this
Around one in three adults suffer from indigestion in some form. Some tips to help ... more

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Cambs Physical Therapy
East Anglian Air Ambulance

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy

Peterborough Hospitals NHS Trust
Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Clinic
NHS Direct
People in Pain Support Group

Phoenix Chinese Medical Centre

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Conquering Colds, what can we do? ... more

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