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Friday 23rd January a meeting was held at the Great Northern Hotel by the Young Liberal Democrats. Present were enthusiasts, all under the age of 38, who share an interest in politics and want to help the Peterborough community thrive.

A heated debate about the state of the public transport system headed the meeting and to close positions were appointed to the newly acquired members of the group- Treasurer Lee Cooper and Press Officer Nicola Wilson.

Now established as a group they are able to discuss concerning issues and make attempts to change many ill feelings the people of Peterborough have about their town. The group aims to provide equality, opportunities and a better standard of living to all regardless of creed or colour or religion.

Chairman of the Liberal Democrats for Peterborough, Darren Fower, had this to say about the meeting, "if this group stays together, there's nothing that can't achieved for the benefit of this city."

Meetings will regularly be held on the 3rd Friday of every month. Anybody wishing to come along and join this progressing movement should contact its Chairman, David Vellam.

January 2004




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Peterborough Liberal Democrats

David Vellam - Chairman
Young Liberal Democrats
Tel: 07790 232702

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