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22:38 on Wednesday
23 July 2008

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Valentine's plea to young couples

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The 2008 ‘For My Girlfriend’ young driver campaign, which will peak in the run up to Valentine’s Day, is urging young people to be responsible when they get behind the wheel of a car.

The campaign graphically brings home the potentially terrible consequences for drivers and their passengers when things go wrong and asks young people to ‘take responsibility when driving’.

Its stark message is illustrated in a poster and Valentine’s card, which depict a team of fire fighters and paramedics attempting to free a girl from a crashed car with the message ‘If you don’t want to see this many blokes around your girl…take responsibility when driving’.

For my girlfriend

The Valentine cards will be distributed via educational establishments, pubs and clubs and other places where young people are found in numbers. The card looks authentic on the outside, but inside it carries the campaign’s hard-hitting message.

Clair George, road safety officer for the Peterborough City Council, said: “It’s a fact that more young females aged 17 to 19 years are killed or seriously injured while travelling as passengers in cars than as drivers.

“Through this hard-hitting campaign we are reminding young people of the terrible dangers and consequences when things go wrong on the road.

“At this romantic time of year we are taking the opportunity to ask young male drivers to take special care of their female passengers – and to point out the particular dangers that young females face as passengers.”

Graham Stagg, Chief Fire Officer from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, added: “Last year Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service rescued 292 people who had become trapped in their vehicles following a road traffic collision.

“To be trapped in the wreckage of a car waiting for the emergency services to arrive can be terrifying and too often there are those that don’t make it. By participating in this crash reconstruction we are showing young people the consequences of driving carelessly. We hope the hard hitting messages will make young drivers think when getting behind the wheel of a car”

For further information about the For My Girlfriend campaign, go to:

February 2008 - Peterborough UK Community Website




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