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25 July 2008

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New stammering self-help group

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Locals Keith Boss and Paul Brocklehurst are in the process of setting up a new Peterborough Stammering Self Help Group.

The group's first meeting will be on 26 May 2007 in Bretton, further details can be found on the website linked at the bottom of the page.

Keith and Paul will welcome any stammerer, from any ethnic background, because stammering is not restricted by race or religion.

Group of people

Paul has completed a degree in Human Communication (Speech and Language therapy). If you want to go along to talk to either of them you will be most welcome. If you are under 18, they ask that you attend with a parent or guardian. If you are an adult but want a friend present, that is no problem either.

Catherine Holland, an SLT at the Peterborough District Hospital will be talking to the new group about what she can do to provide Speech Therapy at the District Hospital.

Keith is also working a lot globally with all nationalities. One of his International Stuttering Association (ISA) projects is set out in

Keith said, "The Indian team I have working with me has done a tremendous job. With others in the team I am also involved in making a bid for holding the 9th World Congress for People Who Stutter in India in 2010."

"When time permits, I will be doing the same kind of project in Pakistan. I would welcome support from the local Asian Communities with relatives back in Asia who are fluent or who stammer", Keith continued.

"From my contacts in Asia, my understanding is that there is a real stigma attached to those who stammer. Stammerers have a difficult time getting jobs, and very hard time getting a job to match their intellect. Raising Stammering Awareness in Asia is a worthwhile task to help those who stammer and to help the different Nations use the abilities of stammerers."

Details of the meeting are available on  or contact Keith Boss at [email protected] 01733 265060 or Paul Brocklehurst at [email protected] 01733 262446.

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