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6 October 2007

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Smoking Facts and Myths

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Hypnotheray - Your Smoking Problem can be ‘sorted’ in one session!

A session can be 1 to 3 hours long.
Three, one hour sessions give more opportunity for growth and for an individual approach.

There may be 1 or 2 therapists working with you to me that seems a little fierce.

Your therapist may have only had a 4 to 6 day training!
As opposed to a diploma in hypnotherapy or other therapeutic area with maybe a master class in smoking cessation.

How successful are you?

I belong to a nationwide hypnotherapy forum, we discuss issues openly. We discuss government and our own statistics:- the conclusion?

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.
The criteria for success is creative.
The evidence for success is a referral.

I met a lady who started smoking after 29 years, I could not fault her reasons. She will stop naturally when the stress is removed or if this takes some time then she will need to go to her hypnotherapist to deal with the habit. Someone came for an issue and we dealt with the emotional component, he deliberately started smoking to maintain a situation I can find no possible reason to argue with.

Both these are examples of ‘secondary gains’, i.e. the benefit of smoking outweighed the consequences of not smoking. I have been told of a family who bought cigarettes for a person who didn’t actually want them. The cigarettes were bought because the person was un-liveable with!

It is obvious to me that the relevant issues had not been dealt with.

How easy is it to stop smoking?

My fellow hypnotherapists mirrored their clients in that for some it was easy and for others it was terribly difficult.

A workman came to my house, he expressed a wish to stop smoking. He had a ‘need to smoke’ level of 2; while he worked I spent 3 separate minutes doing energy therapy with him. He left with no desire to smoke. As he was not a client, I felt free to ring him and 8 days later he was still not smoking. He’d explained some of the troubles in his life and on day 8 a very close family member was re-admitted to hospital with a dire prognosis for recovery. He was a laid back accepting man.

A client came with a ‘need to smoke’ level of 2, he felt that if he stopped smoking then this would happen, which would lead to that, which would precede something else, etc. I felt that these problems were causing his depressed quality of life and that if these were relieved somewhat then his smoking would naturally end.

He had stopped smoking 4 years previously with 2 weeks of patches. He only came for one session and did not bother to cancel his second session – I doubt that he stopped smoking.

How expensive is it?

Some therapists charge considerably more for smoking cessation. This is because they can. Y Therapists generally only have 1 shot at earning from this client.

A smoker knows how much it costs them in 1 wk, 1 mth, 1 yr, 1 decade.
A smoker sees therapy as a financial saving.
A person who is depressed, lacking job potential, phobic, baffles the doctors, etc, generally sees therapy as an expense

How ‘valuable’ are smokers to therapists?

There are a lot of personal, public and government pressures to stop smoking. There is a lot of press and advertising. Generally it is very obvious that a person has stopped smoking. Not only is a referral easily given, but it is also sought and often acted upon.

Someone with some other issue will not openly advertise their success, after all you may not want others to know you had that issue or it may not occur to you that someone else may also have e.g. a problem with speaking in public.

How do I find a competent therapist

Recommendation is always a good start. Feeling comfortable with the therapist is very important. Some therapists will give you all the time and information you need over the telephone and may suggest an initial consultation. Some therapists combine your enquiry with your initial consultation and may then book your first paid session.

Some therapists offer a free or fee consultation of ½hr. to unlimited. Some will immediately follow this consultation with a paid session while others prefer not to book your first session for at least 24 hours.

Most therapists have their qualifications displayed or available for inspection, along with their insurance certificate and membership of a registering body. Since even therapists cannot understand the value of another’s.

Training school, it is probably better to research the therapist’s. Registering Body and gain a ‘feel’ for the quality of that body and of the therapists it accepts. My registering body is

Some therapists offer a guarantee. Personally and in agreement with my registering body’s rules, I never offer a guarantee. We are people not cars. Some therapists prescribe a number of sessions or a range of sessions quoting their experience. Some charge for that number in advance.

My argument is, ‘How can they possibly know? Aren’t we all individuals? If I were to tell you that it would take 10 sessions, but that we may be able to finish in 9 or even 8 sessions. I can practically guarantee that it would take at least 8 sessions because neither of us is expecting it to take less!

What type of therapy do you use?

Like most hypnotherapists, I have a large range of skills available. The 3 minute energy therapy used with the workman has been used to get an erratic heart beat of 7 years standing to beat with a regular, normal rhythm. Energy therapy does not delve into your past. 5 Minutes of a different energy therapy resolved two serious phobias in a young child.

Tapping on your hands and body, also known as Meridian therapy can be similarly effective and on occasions I may mix it with energy therapy.

Hypnotherapy can come in many forms. Suggestion therapy is the one that is generally used in 1 session smoking cessation treatments (maybe in conjunction with those described above including, NLP).

  1. Suggestion therapy suggests that you are a non smoker and you ‘experience’ life as a non-smoker.

  2. Sometimes therapists add a little aversion therapy to the suggestions – this is, ‘you will be sick …..,’ ‘see yourself in a cancer ward ….’. I NEVER do that, apart from that you can over ride these suggestions.

  3. There is analytical therapy; in some form, the therapist and you discover why you smoked in the first place, what smoking means to you and you work together to resolve and heal these issues.

  4. Past life and / or Spirit Releasing therapy. A lady told her amateur ‘hypnotherapist’ husband that “’he’ makes me smoke!”

  5. Clinical therapy simple means a therapist who works outside of a university or hospital research setting.

Will a therapist accept me as a client?

Not all therapists work with smokers. You will have to convince a serious therapist that you genuinely are committed to stopping smoking. The questions may be subtle. If you are persuaded by your doctor or family to stop smoking, but you wish to continue – then there is no point in seeing a therapist. What you need to work on is not smoking cessation, but your reasons for not wanting to stop even though it may be endangering your life.

Final question

Will I put on weight?

No. Well, you will if you want to fall into the myth. Therapists are aware of the power of myth and deal with it. So, you know lots of people who put on weight. – Well, they fell into the myth or they were of ‘that age.’

You were not born a smoker, regardless of weather your parents smoked or not. You spent many years not smoking. You do not smoke for long periods during the day. If you are addicted, why don’t you wake up if you ‘need’ a chemical fix regularly? Did you really enjoy your first cigarette? Etc.

May 2006




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Article by: Mureen Hunt

Mureen Hunt

Aspen Springs Hypnotherapy
St. Mark's Street

Tel: 01733 342659


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