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23 July 2008

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Denise did and slimmed down four dress sizes!

Downsizing is a buzzword we hear in the media all the time. People are moving into smaller houses to save money and companies are cutting back to increase profits.

In January 2006, after an embarrassing incident on a flight, Peterborough resident Denise Fassler decided she needed some downsizing of a different kind.

A year later and 40 pounds lighter, Denise is so inspired by the success of her weight loss plan, she wants to help others who are struggling to lose weight and is taking over the Whittlesey Slimming World group on Tuesday, 10 April, running two sessions at 5.30 and 7.00pm at the Youth and Community Centre in Scaldgate.

“It all began on a flight home from Dubai in December 2005”, says Denise, “As I was boarding, the stewardess asked if I was pregnant. I wasn’t, and felt devastated by her comment, but it made me realise how other people saw me. My weight gain had been a gradual process over a number of years, interspersed with bouts of ‘yo-yo’ dieting. I knew I was getting bigger because the clothes I was buying told me so, but I just didn’t do anything about it. I now realise the stewardess did me a favour and I can look back at the incident and smile.”

Denise heard about Slimming World through her sister, who is a member in Melton Mowbray. “I went onto the Slimming World website to find out more and decided to join my local group. Looking back I wish I’d done it sooner, everyone was really helpful and friendly and Yasmin, the consultant, was warm and welcoming and explained everything I needed to know to get me started.

“The support I’ve received from Yasmin and the group has been invaluable. Even on the occasions where I gained a few pounds, I was never made to feel embarrassed or humiliated, and was always offered support and advice to get back on track.

“I reached my target weight just before Christmas 2006, having lost 38 lbs. It felt great to finally go shopping for clothes that showed off my figure rather than hiding it. I’ve also sold my clothes that don’t fit anymore, so I’ve even made money out of losing weight! You never go hungry on the Slimming World plan and I never once felt I was dieting. I enjoyed my nights out, ate fish and chips, drank the odd glass of wine and had anything else I wanted, all within the plan.”

Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan is based on ‘Free Food’, which includes unlimited amounts of everyday healthy, filling food such as pasta and rice, low fat dairy products, meat, chicken, fish, seafood and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. It includes daily amounts of milk and cheese, to ensure you get plenty of calcium and fibre from bread and cereals, plus a generous daily allowance of higher calorie foods, which means you can enjoy your favourite cake, chocolate, crisps or tipple without feeling guilty. Men love the plan because they can sit down to large portions of eggs, chips and beans, for example, and women love it because meals are quick and easy to prepare and you can follow the plan even if you’re pregnant!

Shortly after joining Slimming World Denise’s father died of cancer. To commemorate his life, Denise and her sister ran the Race for Life on Father’s Day 2006. “I hadn’t incorporated exercise into my slimming plan, so the Race for Life was a huge challenge. I began training by running and walking around our local playing field, gradually increasing my distance and speed. The training paid off because I completed the race in just 35 minutes, with my mum cheering me on, which was an incredibly proud moment!”

If you would like Denise to help you lose weight call her now on 01733 577798 or just go along to her group where a warm welcome, sound advice, friendship and support are guaranteed.

For more information about Slimming World go to

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