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8 August 2008

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 New sculptures could be funded by developers

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Developers could be asked to contribute to new sculptures and other public works of art under a strategy being discussed by Peterborough City Council.

Members of the community well being policy overview committee have agreed that the strategy should be subject to public consultation before it is submitted for adoption by the city council.

The strategy, prepared by arts services manager Neil Levine, suggests that developers could be asked to make a voluntary contribution of one per cent of the value of their schemes to support the provision of public works of art.

Existing public sculpture - Untitled piece by Miles Davis

The works could cover a wide range of projects that would enhance the ‘street-scene’ and local environment. They would enhance local areas while increasing the value of adjacent commercial premises.

A report to the committee said that the principle of developers funding public artworks is already established in other European countries and becoming more widespread in the UK.

December 2006




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