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 Peterborough Sculpture Trust

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Peterborough Sculpture Trust was set up by the Peterborough Development Corporation in 1988. It owns the whole of the Corporation's collection and has a programme of educational and development work.

There are now 26 pieces in the permanent collection. All are on sites developed by the Corporation, in old persons housing, local and township shopping centres, and in Queensgate. A number are in the Nene Park, mostly at Thorpe Meadows. The location of the pieces is shown on the map. There many also be a sculpture on display which has been loaned to the Trust.

The range of the work is wide. Some pieces are by artists whose roots are in Nigeria and the West Indies. Other sculptors draw their inspiration from the English countryside. Some artists are in the early stages of their career. The work of others, like Barry Flanagan, Anthony Gormley, John Maine and Sir Anthony Caro, is widely known and respected. It is important to see the sculptures for yourself and form your own view of what each is about. If you have only limited time it is best to visit Thorpe Meadows, where the work can be seen in the setting of a sculpture park.

There are nineteen pieces at Thorpe Meadows in the Nene Park, including work by Angus, Caro, Douglas-Camp, Grandjean, Gormley, Pope and Ryan. Most are on the south side of the rowing course.

Enter off Thorpe Meadows roundabout (A1179) and bear right. There is a public car park and display panels showing where the sculptures are.

Peterborough Sculpture Trust gratefully acknowledge the assistance given by the Arts Council and Eastern Arts in establishing the collection. Peterborough City Council and the Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust helped fund the production of the Peterborough Sculpture Leaflet which is available from the Tourist Information Centre.


Untitled piece by Miles Davis

Text taken from 
Peterborough Sculpture Trust Leaflet - available from the Tourist Information Centre




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