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20:15 on Saturday
12 June 2010

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The first East Anglia Salsa Gala

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Friday 5 February 2010 saw the opening night of the East Anglia Salsa Gala. The first of regular monthly Salsa parties presented by Salsalicimo UK at Radius (above The Solstice), in Peterborough.

I started Ballroom and Latin dancing in September last year with my husband, neither of us were Ďnatural moversí and itís taken us a while to loosen up and actually feel the beat of the music that weíre attempting to dance to.

It was my birthday in January and a friend who has been taking Salsa classes for over a year invited us along as her guest a birthday present.

Mauro & Eva

The ticket price of £10.00 included a beginners and intermediate Dominican style Bachata class and Salsa classes at all levels, plus teaching and a showcase dance by guests Eva and Mauro (pictured), followed by dancing until late.

I was a bit nervous, Iíve watched Salsa classes, but remembered how hard my first few dance lessons were. However, the beginners classes were great, the teaching was clear, if a little hard for me to hear at times with multiple classes going on and lots of people arriving later just for the dancing. We were taught a very easy set of moves so that we had a small routine in both styles and would be able to get onto the dance floor later in the evening.

The dancing later was impressive, Iíve never ever been to any kind of dance where the floor was full of dancers all night. The event attracted people of all ages from across the area. As regular visitors to this site may know, Iím not a spring chicken myself so it was good to see younger and older people dancing together.

Now I will admit that we never did venture back onto the dance floor. I think we needed a little more than just a single beginners class to give us the confidence to join in. We enjoyed just watching the different styles, the energy in the room was infectious.

Once we have some more time clear we will be adding Salsa classes to our social life and will be back for next East Anglia Salsa Gala on Friday 5 March and features teaching and performing the Mamboleo Dance Company, the hottest dance company in the Midlands, plus a Merengue Master Class. We may just get up and dance the night away this time!

If you canít make it along, there are will be more opportunities every first Friday of the month at Radius, check the Salsalicimo website for details.


Salsalicimo UK class at the Solstice

Plus there are Salsa classes taking place all over the city every week. Salsalicimo UK run weekly Tuesday night classes at the Solstice, details below:

Intermediate 7:30pm - 8:25pm
Beginners Levels 1+2 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Improvers 8:30pm - 9:30pm

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