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21:22 on Sunday
12 October 2008

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Rolling back the Years

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If you fancy a trip down memory lane then the Broadway Theatre  is the place to be at 2.30pm on Friday 12  September 2008.

Tracing six decades of music with an emphasis on nostalgia, Rolling Back the Years will have a feast of sing-a-long favourites from Flanagan and Allen, Judy Garland, Glen Miller, Andy Williams, Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard, Abba and many more, including tributes to some great movies and musicals, Grease and Lord of the Dance and many more.

The beautiful costumes will change with each decade of memories. The music will take you through a feast of some of the greatest songs ever written, and with such variety. From Music Hall, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, with a touch of swing and country too.

From the largest nostalgia show producers in the UK, this is an afternoon or evening of song, dance, and comedy for everyone. A fully choreographed show performed by four world-class singers, and the amazing Memory Lane dancers.

Rolling Back the Years is the perfect show for those who think, They dont make songs like they used to.

Tickets are 12.00, 11.00 & available on from the box office 01733-316100.

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