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23 July 2008

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Rock Relief - local tsunami benefit concert

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Rock Relief

6 February 2005
Broadway Theatre
Doors & Bar 1pm-10.30am

5 per all day ticket
Box Office: 01733 316100



Local bands have been playing all over the city at various fund raising events in aid of the tsunami victims. Events have been of all sizes and at very different venues and some are still to come, do check our Gig List if you're looking for one to attend.

Put probably the biggest of the lot is an all day event planned at the Broadway Theatre, which means it has the potential to raise some mega dosh for the chosen charity, which is UNICEF.

Broadway will fit more than 1200 bums into seats at any one time and the venue are supporting the event as their donation to the cause. Local press and radio are also supporting the event which should help to fill auditorium with individuals and families.

The line-up is:

2.00pm ARCONNA (Alternative Rock/Groove).
2.45pm SUMO (Rock/Indie)
3.30pm JUNK PUPPETS (Rock/Groove)
4.15pm ALADDINSANE (Bowie Tribute)
5.15pm DeBOOTER (Post Punk/Garage)
6.15pm RETROLUX (Classic Rock)
7.15pm UNTAMED (Rock/Metal)
8.15pm ONE EYED CATS (Rock n Roll/Soul)
9.15pm KISSMET (Bhangra/Rock/Soul/Funk).

Current official sponsors of the Rock Relief are:




Lee Mason


Lite FM


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