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16:57 on Friday
25 July 2008

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 Dickinson’s Real Deal comes to city

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Why let your antiques collect dust in the attic when you can sell them for cash?

Take money on the spot from a dealer OR if you think the item’s worth more….take a gamble at auction!

The first series of David Dickinson’s popular antiques show for ITV has been regularly drawing over a million viewers a day. Meanwhile his cast of colourful antiques dealers are quickly becoming stars in their own right.

Back for a second series, David and the dealers will be travelling around the country looking for some more bobby dazzlers brought in by members of the public. If you want to sell your goods…but only for the right price! Then come along to Peterborough Regional College, Park Crescent on Saturday 10 March 2007. You could be quids in like many of the people who have already taken part.

Dorothy and Jackie got ₤860 from Mike Melody when they brought three watercolours along to our Liverpool show. Not bad considering they bought them off a bloke in the street for ₤20.

Motor-mouthed dealer Clive Attrell came up against a hard bargainer in Sue Adams in Taunton, who haggled him up to ₤790 for her Galle vase.

Ian Towning, the high-flying Chelsea antiques dealer only buys goods in pristine condition so he didn’t bid on a damaged Ferdinand Priess figure. Owners Anthony and Caroline miller went on to sell it at auction for ₤3600!

As usual David Dickinson will be keeping an eye on the deals giving advice when needed on whether to take the dealers’ cash or gamble at auction. But the final decision lies with our contributors and it’s up to them to decide which option is the REAL DEAL!

“This is the programme that will level the playing field between dealers and auction houses,” says David Dickinson.

On 10 March 2007, 9am-5pm, members of the public should bring their antiques along to; Peterborough Regional College, Park Crescent, Peterborough, PE1 4DZ.

Admission Free. Members of the public – Please call us if you plan to attend so we can put you on our priority list. Also call if you have large items. We may be able to help.

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