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22:37 on Wednesday
23 July 2008

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 Planet Pop

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Friday 11 May sees the launch of a new night at Xoo bar. Planet Pop will play a mix of classic pop from Motown, Glam, Disco, New Wave, 80s, 90s and the best of today!

The monthly event is the brain child of DJ Simon Stabler, better known for alternative nights such as Club Toptastic, which brought BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq to the city.

Simon explains that he launched this night because it increasingly was becoming increasingly difficult to find a night that he’d want to go to.

Simon Stabler outside the City Club

“One of my passions is Pop music, I don’t know how it happened but one day I looked at my record collection and realised that there were more pop records in it than Rock and Indie combined!

As a lapsed clubber I know that there’s no greater buzz when you’re out with your mates’ than having a few beers and a bit of random dancing to classic hits.

I’d visited a few other nights in town, which were either too purist or even worse, dumbed down i.e. you’ve either never heard any of these songs (which is a bit of a joke when it’s something like a Motown night!) or you’ve heard them too often!”

Planet Pop is open 9pm-1am, Friday 11 May at Xoo Bar (under The City Club,) Priestgate, Peterborough. Entry is free.

The second event will be Friday 15 June, further dates to follow.

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