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7 July 2008

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Warmington Playgroup toddlers get a “pizza the action”

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Toddlers at the Warmington playgroup tried there hand at making pizzas when local pizza company Papa Luigi popped into the playgroup to demonstrate the art of pizza making.

22 very excited youngsters watched with interest when Stef Malajny owner of the pizza chain showed the three to four year olds how to make a lovely pizza, the youngsters then all made their own pizzas to take home for their mums and dads with the boys making football shaped pizzas and the girls with the help of Stef made some special heart shaped bases .

The art of dough throwing was also demonstrated and then the youngsters also had a fun competition to see who the throwing champ was, then the playgroup team leaders also joined in the fun spinning the bases around.

Playgroup leader Josephine Black commented, “We all had a great time and can only thank Papa Luigi for such a wonderful day, we all took home pizzas that we made ourselves and Stef also cooked some of his “Capello” charity pizzas which were demolished at the lunch break, it has been a great fortnight for the group as last week we were invited to see the launch of the Nene Valley Railway postal pick up apparatus which was so much fun.”

Stef's son, 4 year old James is a pupil at the playgroup and he was thrilled to see dad in action in the classroom, Stef added “ this is our twenty fifth anniversary for Papa Luigi and I have been doing the pizza demos since we have started so it was very special to be able to do the demonstration for my young lad and his friends, even if his pizza only consisted of salami with no tomato and cheese necessary!”

The Capello charity pizza which was given the thumbs up by the Warmington Playgroup is named after the new England manager, and has been brought in as part of Papa Luigi's 25th Anniversary Celebrations, local Capello look-alike Howard Brown has also joined in the fun and will be helping the fund raising, 20% of every Capello pizza sold will be donated to the RNIB.

Stef has lots more demonstrations booked and will also be organizing the World pizza eating championships once again on the cathedral square so look out for that one if you’ve got a big appetite!

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