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Help cut your removal costs

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Moving house is stressful and costly, but all too often the actual removal costs are neglected and it becomes a more expensive and fraught time than needed.

58%* of people surveyed said the actual physical job of moving was their most dreaded part, so follow our handy tips at  for some practical advice on making moving cheaper and a more enjoyable experience.

For example;


  • Plan ahead - you canít avoid solicitors, HIPS, search fees or stamp duty costs however you can reduce how much you pay on removals. Weigh up the options of a DIY move. Doing it yourself will probably be cheaper but take into account the time involved, van hire and fuel, stress and unforeseen hassles, it may be a better bet just to let someone else take the strain.

  • Shop around - if you are going to use a removal company get at least three quotations, but don't be swayed by price alone. Pick a company that suits your circumstance and requirements. These companies are moving your prized possessions, so you need to be comfortable with your choice.

  • In the diary - book your removal company as far in advance as possible. If you leave it to the last minute you may not get the company of your choice and may also pay a premium for last minute bookings.

  • Avoid Friday - especially moving on this day around a Bank Holiday and the end of the month. Friday is the most popular day to move home and often the most expensive and stressful.

  • Site reccy - always get your removal companies to visit so that they know about any problems which may arise on moving day i.e. access, parking, stairs. have a list of removal and self storage companies on their site and also offer a free moving request quotation service.

  • Do some of the hard work - pack your boxes yourself to bring down the costs. Buy quality packing materials as poor quality or odd shape boxes are a false economy. sell good quality packing materials which can be delivered nationwide with a next working day service.

  • Packing materials - start collecting old newspapers and donít throw your old shredded documents out just yet as this also makes excellent packing material.

  • Disassemble furniture - i.e. beds, tables, wardrobes and tell your removal company that you will be doing this. Remember to keep all screws, allen keys in one easily accessible place.

  • Flexibility - If you are moving outside your current area get quotes from removal companies also in your new postcode area. Again if you are flexible on dates then they may be able to pick your items up on a return load. Companies hate returning back to their depot with an empty lorry therefore saving you money.

  • De-clutter before you move - now is a perfect time to go through all your possessions so you wonít be transporting unwanted items. Most companies base their costs on quantity which is calculated in cubic feet. Selling unwanted items can also give you some extra cash which could pay for your removal expenses.

  • Change of address - Use the internet to notify all your relevant companies (e.g. utilities) that you use of your new change of address. is a free service run in association with the royal mail that will tell everyone you are moving on your behalf.

* Recent poll survey on Ltd carried out in 2007.

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