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23:11 on Saturday
12 June 2010

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Local children's author books available online

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If you're looking for a children's book then look no further than local author Michael Alexander's books.

They are lots of fun and have a very local flavour to them. You and your children will recognise places in the books.

So why not buy a copy and support an independent author, you can buy a signed copy direct from Michael's online shop.

Michael Alexander, with his second book for children, Until Wishes Are Fulfilled, has created a world of such wondrous hope, children of all ages will find it difficult to put the book down in favour of any thing else that might distract them, once they have turned to the first page.

Michael’s descriptive prose and ability to ensnare a readers attention from the off, is a wonderful gift to own. Holly is such a well-rounded character, readers will want to reach into the page and offer her a comforting shoulder on which to cry or a congratulatory hand to slap in high-five celebration.

Yet it is the pace of the story that stands out. Almost Frank Cottrell-Boyce in its ceaselessness, Michael Alexander keeps the plot rolling with delightful dialogue, unexpected twists and a “need to know” hook at the end of each chapter.

This, it has to be said, is a truly special book. Though set at Christmas, Until wishes are fulfilled can be read at any time of year and Michael Alexander, following on from Adventures In Cuckoo’s Hollow, shows an assured lightness of touch many others writing in this field will envy.

The stories are set in and around Peterborough, and local readers will recognise many of the places, including Queensgate, the museum and the Cathedral.

Until wishes are fulfilled
For eleven year old Holly, the last six weeks have been the worst of her young life. Her mother lies in a coma following a car accident, the doctors unable to say when, if ever, she might regain consciousness.

With Christmas just one week away, Holly’s one wish is to have her mother home with her on Christmas Day – a wish she knows is unlikely to be fulfilled.

Then, on the eve of her twelfth birthday, her dad buys her a magician’s set from a strange old man he bumps into by accident in town. The set proves to be very special; a spell book and a real wand, and suddenly Holly finds that magic exists everywhere – even in the saddest moments of her life.

Under the guidance of Charlie, Holly learns to do the sort of magic we can only dream about, with hilarious and sometimes dangerous results!

As Holly’s life begins to brighten, she still holds onto her one true wish – to have her mother home again, and muses over the opening words in the spell book:

This book is for the use of Holly Jackson

Congratulations on being chosen

All is yours until your wishes are fulfilled

With Christmas fast approaching and an evil, sinister character trying to take the wand for himself, can Holly find it in herself to rise to the challenges that face her and get back the one thing she wants most of all?

Until wishes are fulfilled 2 - Alec's story
It would be fair to say that 13 year old Alec’s life is definitely not going to plan.

His wheelchair bound dad is suffering more each day, and three bullies seem determined to make things as difficult as possible for him at school.

Then, the discovery of an odd scratch card, and a visit to a shop that doesn’t actually exist, changes his life completely.

Magic, it seems, has decided to take an interest in Alec’s life and that means all sorts of things are about to happen.

But with the bullies giving him more and more attention, and the frighteningly mysterious ‘shadow creatures’ after him, can things really turn out as he wants them? And where exactly did the talking cat come from?

Follow Alec as he casts spells, meets ghosts, takes midnight train journeys into the past, and tries his best to deal with all the problems in his difficult life.

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