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20:32 on Monday
27 October 2008

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New restaurant, bar and music venue

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It's always exciting to see a new addition to the nightlife options for fans of great food and live music, but something really different has just opened in Stamford.

Mama Liz's Restaurant, Bar, and Voodoo Lounge Music Club - Stamford.

On North Street, just off Broad Street is Mama Liz's Creole, Cajun and Steakhouse restaurant, serving authentic cuisine of the melting pot of cultures and styles that is Louisiana on the Mississippi Delta, in a beautiful newly refurbished setting just across the street from North Street car park, Stamford.

Mama Liz's

The team involved, Michael Liz, Daniel and Patrick have combined to bring their collective years of experience in live music, groundbreaking bars and some of the regions most exciting and renowned restaurants, including Panamania and Mi Familia in Stamford.

The restaurant is set on the first floor amid the wooden beams and overlooking Stamford's, Broad St, and is serving a variety of steaks and also the famous dishes of the Creole and Cajun cooking traditions including, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Chilli , Corn Bread, Tennessee Ribs and Cajun chicken. The Creole and Cajun theme stems from the groups affinity with that famous city having visited there on numerous occasions and also some family ties with 'The Big Easy' on the Mississippi Delta.

On ground level, it also boasts a bar and lounge, again in the New Orleans style, its a real slice of Bourbon Street authenticity and it already achieving cult status as a place for a night out. It serves real ales, continental lagers and of course, cocktails, made to the original New Orleans recipes. There is already live music in the lounge, with some very fine acoustic artists announced.

But underneath this building in the historic town, lies a Victorian wine bottling cellar, which the team are currently refurbishing into a music venue. Its set amongst the beautiful old brick arches and is set to be a real eyebrow raising addition not just to Stamford's live music fans, but to the region as a whole. Its presently in the final stages of completion and details of the much anticipated launch night will be announced in the coming weeks. Voodoo Lounge promises to be a superb venue with the team involved keen to put on all kinds of top notch live music, and even some stand up comedy evenings. Voodoo Lounge is special, there is nationwide interest already and a big launch night is being planned at present for a venue which will astound even the most seasoned of live scene veterans. Guided tours are being conducted by the team currently, so why not pop in for a meal and take a look.

Mama Liz; ''I have been involved with bars, food and live music for years, but this is truly exciting and special, we look forward to some memorable nights here and feel there are great times ahead. Its all very exciting and we are delighted with how its going, we would like to thank everyone who has been already and helped to create this buzz, and look forward to seeing more new faces each week''  for upcoming events and map/menu etc.

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