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08:48 on Wednesday
10 June 2009

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Review - Gourmet Plaza

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 Whatís so special about the special fried rice? 

Gourmet Plaza

23 Cowgate

As a regular visitor to Gourmet Plaza, Cowgate I had no hesitation in taking my mother there for a lunchtime treat.

Unfortunately, the owners have fallen into the same trap as another restaurant down the road, cutting back on ingredients in a naÔve hope of fighting the recession.
Gone is the hot wok, where you could select a range of fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles and have it cooked in a sauce of your choice, as greater emphasis is put on the dumbed down buffet.
There are now only a handful of dishes, the crab claws have gone and the crispy aromatic duck has been replaced by the not-so-crispy chicken.
The prawn crackers may as well have been made from cardboard, the special fried rice was a little too ordinary and the only time I tasted a flavour was by biting into a chilli pepper hidden under my noodles.
Although this isnít my worse buffet experience, having eaten prawn free sesame toasts in a Soho restaurant, it has put me off from coming here again.
Itís a shame, but the owners have brought it on themselves, it should be the consumer trying to get value for money not the other way around.

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