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25 July 2008

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 New service for would be parents

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Couples keen to become parents are being offered a new service aimed at optimising their chances of becoming a family.

Specialist fertility nurses Fiona Wynn and Wendy Eustace have been advising couples on how to increase fertility and improve their chances of falling pregnant for nearly 20 years.


They are now offering a unique, tailor-made service to couples setting out on their bid to have a baby through their new independent consultancy Fertility Essentials.

“Once couples start trying for a baby they often feel impatient if they don’t fall pregnant straight away”, says Fiona.

“There is so much information available it can frequently be more confusing than useful”.

That’s where Fertility Essentials can help.

Couples turning to the confidential service undergo a detailed health assessment from which Fiona and Wendy are then able to provide specialist advice to ensure each individual is in the best possible health to optimise the chance of conceiving. Evidence based advice is given on stress, age and lifestyle factors and how they can have a significant impact on fertility.

“The longer we’ve worked in this field the more we’ve realised it’s not just a matter of the mechanics of conception,“ says Wendy.

“We need to spend time with couples, looking at their unique life circumstances identifying essential issues so we can provide bespoke advice and information.”

Fiona and Wendy started their Cambridgeshire-based business, which they believe is the only one in the country, because of their passionate belief that every couple wishing to have children should have access to the very best advice at the earliest opportunity. With specific, expert pre-conception advice, potentially years of stressful infertility may be avoided.

Wendy and Fiona are both fully qualified registered general nurses (RGN) and have family planning and counselling qualifications. From advice and treatment Wendy and Fiona have given, 3,000 babies have been born to couples who had previously been struggling to conceive. More information is available on the Fertility Essentials website


Fertility Essentials operate from consulting rooms at a city-based GP surgery and also offer telephone consultations or a postal questionnaire.
Wendy and Fiona are members of the British Fertility Society and Royal College of Nursing.
Around one in six couples in the UK will have difficulties starting a family.
Except for pregnancy it’s the most likely reason for a 20-45 year old woman to visit her GP.

December 2006




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Fertility Essentials
01733 248172 & 01353 778370  [email protected]

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