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20:21 on Friday
8 August 2008

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 Deepings live music night

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The Deepings recently saw their first regular “open mic evening” which proved to be a great success.

Event organiser Gordon Wiggins said, “I must admit I was a pleased with the quality of musicians who turned up willing to 'have a go'.

"We had complete first timers all the way through to us oldies who were there to back anyone who wanted a shot!"

Open mic

Gordon started the amateur open mic nights as a way for anyone who has strummed away in the garage or bedroom to actually get up and perform in front of an audience. He has made the events laid back and friendly, himself and the “oldies” are on hand to provide advice help and support as well as backing music to anyone, be it a seasoned player that wants to have a bit of a jam or the next new talent to hit Deepings and who’s never performed in public before.

In Gordon’s own words “I had to find a venue in the Deepings that would provide good facilities and enough space for us. I approached the Deepings Rugby Club and they agreed to us using the bar and lounge area.

You find some excellent players of all sorts of instruments that know how great they are they just need a platform to show others just how good. These new sessions will present an opportunity for both experienced and budding musicians to come and show off their talents.”

The next session will be 17th May, starting at 8pm, any and all forms of live music will be welcome, be it blues, classical, rock, folk, country or any other. Anyone who plays music, to any standard, will be made most welcome in the very friendly and comfortable surroundings of the rugby clubhouse. You can if you like, but there’s no need to book just turn up on the night.

Live music is never complete without an audience so people who just want to come and listen will be made most welcome too!

Deepings Rugby Club is on Linchfield Road, Deeping St James, opposite the Deepings school.

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