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20:32 on Monday
27 October 2008

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How to save money on cosmetics

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Recent government surveys tell us that we waste over 30% of the food that we buy. Similarly, we are told that we could save up to 37% of our petrol by driving more economically.

And I believe that the same is even more true of cosmetics.

My own research suggests that we all buy products that we maybe use once or twice and then push to the back of the cupboard. And then the next time we have a clear out we get rid of them (usually to make room for some more new products).

Clarins cosmetics

So I am convinced that we could save up to 40% or more on our cosmetics spending if we only bought what was right for us. And which we therefore used down to the last drop.

But how do we do this ? How can we ensure that we only buy what we will use ?

Here I would like to suggest that our first stop should be the beauty counter at our local store. All good cosmetics companies employ trained consultants who have the skill and experience to give valuable help and advice.

What is more, the good cosmetics companies will want to ensure that we only buy the products that are right for us. This is because they want us to come back and not only buy more of the product, but also to buy other products in their range.

So these companies offer a number of free services to help to ensure that we select the right product. These free services include:

  1. Skin Analysis
    An examination of our skin to identify the skin type, and the skin condition.

  2. Colour Co-ordination
    Selecting the colours that blend with our natural colouring and make the most of our best features.

  3. Try Out
    Trying out the selected products on an area of our skin to see how it looks and feels.

  4. Make Over
    A make over to see what a difference the selected colours make to the way we look.

  5. Samples
    Giving us samples of the selected products so that we can try them for ourselves at home.

It is worth stressing that the best cosmetics companies offer these services absolutely free. So it makes good sense to make full use of them before we buy. This can go a long way to help ensure that we only buy what we want and will use. And so save us a whole load of money.

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Article by: Larissa Williams, B.Ed  MCFIHT

Larissa Williams

Larissa Williams is the Clarins account manager at Boots, Serpentine Green.

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