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23 July 2008

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 Car sharing success cuts annual mileage in half

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Two Peterborough workers have saved hundreds of pounds and cut their annual car mileage in half thanks to an innovative car share scheme run by Peterborough City Council’s Travelchoice team.

Nick Butler and Mitch Tiff have been car sharing on their daily journey to work at Perkins Engines in Peterborough for just over a year. Having discovered that they live only a few miles apart, they agreed to share the journey by driving and using each other’s cars on alternate days of the week.

Car sharers Nick Butler and Mitch Tiff

The pair are engineers at Perkins Engines and share the 120 mile round trip from Rugby in Warwickshire to Peterborough five days a week. They have both found it to be an extremely beneficial arrangement for a range of reasons.

Financially, they have both halved their outgoings on fuel, not to mention reduced wear and tear on vehicles. Before car sharing, both were travelling 600 miles per week, which equated to around 27,000 miles a year. The prospect of halving these travel expenses was clearly a very attractive inducement.

“There is much more to it than just the money,” said Nick. “Being a passenger every other day offers a great chance to unwind, especially after a hectic day. Making minor detours to each other’s homes is no trouble at all when you realise that you are not driving 120 miles every other day.”

To promote the second anniversary of the car share website  Travelchoice contacted all existing members to ask if anyone would like to nominate their car share partner for being a particularly good sharer.

The Travelchoice team received a number of nominations and chose the one submitted by Nick as being the best. As a result, members of the team made a surprise visit to Perkins Engines to present Mitch with a certificate and a copy of the Al Gore climate change film An Inconvenient Truth.

Peterborough City Council’s Travelchoice car share website – – allows motorists to identify other commuters travelling the same journey and arrange to car share. It was launched in April 2005 and in the past two years more than 600 people have signed up to the successful scheme.

“This scheme has helped widen the travel choices that people have in Peterborough and significantly helped reduce the number of cars on the city’s roads,” said Nicola Francis, senior travel plan co-ordinator in the Travelchoice team. “Car sharing is a great way to save money, reduce congestion and help save the environment.

“People who want to offer or seek a lift for regular or one-off journeys can visit the website and click on the blue ‘share-it’ icon to register their journey. It really is very simple and can greatly reduce fuel and parking costs. Businesses can also support the scheme by enabling employees to search among colleagues working solely within their organisation.”

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