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8 September 2007

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The answer to every woman’s dream?

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What would you think if we said that there was a natural holistic treatment where you could lose up to 12 inches, particularly from your waist, hips and thighs, in just one session?

And what if we said that this treatment was perhaps one of the most pleasant and relaxing experiences that you would ever enjoy?

Maybe you would think that we were dreaming.

But we would like to assure you that this is the reality of a marvellous new treatment called a Contour Body Wrap. And the benefits don’t just stop at losing the inches. The treatment also:

- reduces, and helps eliminate, cellulite
- tones your skin tissue, making it firmer and smoother
- leaves you feeling lighter, healthier and more energised

So what is a Body Contour Wrap? In essence, it is a natural and very effective de-tox treatment that deep cleanses your whole body. This is more and more important these days since there has been a dramatic rise in the toxins all around us. There are toxins in the food that we eat (all those E numbers), in the water that we drink (all those chemicals), and even in the air that we breathe (all that pollution). And these toxins accumulate and build up in our bodies, blocking our natural cleansing processes and slowing our metabolisms, making us sluggish, tired, and fat.

And this is perhaps the secret of the amazing results that you get with a Body Contour Wrap. By gently but effectively helping us to rid our bodies of theses toxins, the treatment removes the blockages and stimulates our metabolic processes to burn the fat, break up the cellulite, and tone our whole body.

And you can experience this de-tox process at work for yourself. Because after you have a Contour Body Wrap, you will want to drink lots of water, and you will correspondingly be going to the toilet more often. This is the sign that your body is at work flushing out and eliminating all those toxins. So after the treatment we would encourage you to drink as much water as you can, preferably at least 8 –10 glasses every day.

But what of the treatment itself? As we mentioned, it is very pleasant and enjoyable, and does not involve any sweating or messy clays. Just a gentle whole body massage, followed by a period of relaxation wrapped in thermal bandages. In fact, it is so warming and relaxing that many people drop off to sleep during the treatment!

Before starting a Body Contour Wrap, we would recommend that you have a hot shower. This prepares the skin for the treatment by cleansing away the salts on your skin and opening the pores to receive the special massage gel. Then we suggest that you wrap up warm in a track suit or bath robe and walk along to the private treatment room.

Perhaps we should mention here what it’s best to wear for a Body Contour Wrap. Since the treatment involves a body massage, then the less you wear the greater the coverage and the more effective the massage. So most ladies just wear a bra and thong style briefs. But the most important thing is that you feel relaxed and comfortable in whatever you decide to wear.

In the privacy of the treatment room, we first take a series of measurements which we record on a special chart as your “before” statistics. We can then compare these with your “after” statistics to see how many inches you have lost. The largest inch loss we have achieved in a single session is 15 inches, and losses of 8-12 inches are fairly common.

We then lie you down on our treatment couch, and give you a relaxing whole body massage with the special contour gel. This gel is light and non greasy, so it will not mark or stain your underwear. Moreover, it is designed to be quickly and easily absorbed, so that it gets to work straight away on your subcutaneous tissue.

After the massage, we wrap you in special thermal bandages and then lie you down on the couch to relax for an hour or so. During this period, the warmth and compression of the bandages help the special contour gel to gently and effectively go to work de-toxing your system, burning the fat, and reducing the cellulite.

And then the moment of truth. After taking off the bandages, we take another series of measurements, and calculate your inch loss. And it’s not just the tape measure that shows the effectiveness of the treatment. You will feel that your body is lighter and firmer, and, when you get dressed again, your clothes will fit more loosely.

Just one session of an hour and a half gives amazing results in terms of inch loss. So it’s perfect if you want to fit more comfortably into that skimpy black dress for a special night out.

But, as with all treatments, the real benefits come with a course of Body Contour Wraps. Because after 3 or 4 sessions, the de-toxing effect really gets into top gear, and your body’s natural processes will be working efficiently to burn the fat and eliminate the cellulite. Leaving you feeling lighter, healthier, and with much more energy.

January 2007




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Article by: Lara Williams, B.Ed  MCFIHT

Lara Williams

Lara Beauty and Holistic Therapy at:
Straight Up
1st Floor
52, Lincoln Road
Tel: 01733 890588
Mobile: 07795 202 403

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