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25 July 2008

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 Stress Management: Reviving the Ancient Arts

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"There is always so much to do and never enough time. And I feel pressurised and don't seem able to switch off… "

Does it sound familiar? This is hardly surprising. These are the classic signs of being under stress. Recent surveys have shown that nearly 90% of adult population is suffering from some form of stress.

Stress starts on a psychological level with insomnia, tiredness and depression. And if you don't deal with theses problems, then they will manifest themselves on a physical level with muscular aches, pains and headaches.

But stress in nothing new. The ancient Romans and Greeks had a lot of stress in their lives. Imagine a stress of speaking in a Senate or leading a legion into battle. So the ancient Romans looked around for a remedy. And they found the answer in the practices of ancient Egypt.

For thousands of years the ancient Egyptians had used essential oils to cure physical and psychological problems. They developed special massage movements to spread oils releasing the tension and relaxing the body. And as the relaxation was spreading all over the body, the natural healing was stimulated, which led to the revitalisation of the whole body.

This had been confirmed by the modern science: aromatherapy massage stimulates the blood and lymph systems, so improving blood circulation and boosting the body natural cleansing process.

The Romans adopted this "new" treatment enthusiastically and every Romans bath had its team of masseurs, who were specially trained in the art of selecting essential oils and applying them in as special sequence of movements.

Unfortunately, however, when the Roman Empire fell, the art was lost with it. Then in addition in more recent times we had the puritan attitude, which saw massage as something inappropriate and indiscreet.

Fortunately now we live in more enlightened times and the ancient arts have been revived. In particular, we are rediscovering the healing effects of aromatherapy massage.

First, there are essential oils. It has long been known that certain oils have special healing properties, which act both on the mind and the body.

For example, Orange creates a warm sunny sensation, which helps to lift the spirits and aid satisfying sleep. Camomile Roman, a pungent herbal aroma, has a calming and stress-relieving effect. Peppermint stimulates, cools and purifies the skin. And that is just a few examples of the many oils which are now available and which a professional holistic therapist will select and blend especially for your specific condition.

In my salon I have a range of about 30 different oils and I usually mix 3 or 4 of them together to make a blend to meet the particular needs of each client.

The benefit of essential oils on the body is well known. But these benefits are multiplied several times by combining them with skilful, expert massage. There are hundreds of different massage movements, derived not only from the Egyptians, but also from ancient Chinese and Indian medicine. A professional holistic therapist is specially trained in these movements and can combine them into a treatment that is specially designed for your particular condition.

So rather than taking drugs, why not give your body a chance to heal itself naturally with the aid of essential oils applied by a professional holistic therapist. In my professional experience after just one massage session you will begin to feel more relaxed and revitalised. But the real benefits are cumulative, so the more regularly you have a massage, the greater the benefits.

November 2002




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Article by: Lara Williams, B.A., MIFHB

Lara Williams

Lara Beauty and Holistic Therapy is at:
1st Floor
52, Lincoln Road
Tel: 01733 890588
Mobile: 07795 202 403

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