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29 June 2012

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The Domestic Holiday

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Englandís Finest Camping, Caravanning and Day Trip Destinations

If you are unsure about making the financial commitment to an overseas jaunt this summer, why not think about taking a domestic holiday?

This could be anything from a 6 week cycling trip across the western Scottish Highlands to a day trip to Devon for a jaunt across Dartmoor and a delicious cream tea.

Englandís Finest Camping, Caravanning and Day Trip Destinations

You donít have to cross the Channel to get a refreshing change of scenery. For a small island, it would seem that we are surprisingly well equipped when it comes to quality and variety in terms of domestic holiday destinations. Hereís a closer look at a few favourites:

1. There are many different reasons to embark upon a day trip to Peterborough. Many are tempted by the fabulous high street shopping opportunities, featuring some of Britainís best loved department stores as well as many bespoke, one-off boutiques dealing in everything from high fashion to antique furniture. Peterborough is also a great place to base yourself for a couple of days or more if you are interested in exploring the Fens - one of Britainís most beautiful countryside areas.

2. For a family daytrip that may be as educational as it is enjoyable, why not pay a visit to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire? This fabulous old property, run by the well loved Duchess of Devonshire, author of many successful autobiographical novels, is a gem to be discovered in the Derbyshire countryside. The gardens are stunning, the house itself is a beautifully preserved relic of a time gone by and throughout the summer months there are a variety of wholesome family orientated events all hosted within the extensive grounds. Donít miss out on the new kitchen garden shop, where you can stock up on traditional English treats, pantry preserves and snacks.

3. Devon is a destination favoured by fans of the caravan holiday. For those on a tight budget, caravan trips are an excellent way to get value for money as cheap caravan holidays are to be found in many of Britainís best loved holiday destinations. Look out for those offered by Park Resorts. Base yourself in Dartmoor for excellent walking opportunities or along the English Riviera for some fresh coastal air.


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