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05:34 on Thursday
5 July 2012

Peterborough's biggest events venue has a new name


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Peterborough Garden Park - Glorious Shopping

How Do Slot Machines Work?

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Most of us have played simple slot machine games as kids down at the arcades during trips to the seaside. Remember the thrill of winning a stash of two pence pieces? While the thought of winning on a slot game now is just as exciting, the payout can be much, much better; especially when you play online.

But how do those popular slot machines translate digitally? And just how do they work? Slots online are as (if not more) fun as playing as a nipper with your siblings armed with a tacky plastic container to collect your winnings. Today, the rewards are much greater and many savvy online gamers can walk away from the computer a few hundred pounds richer.

If you're a gambling novice, the great news is that there's plenty of help and advice available online. With tips on how to play, as well as the best times to log on, you really can't go wrong with online gaming.

As with all forms of gambling, it's important to know your limits. Agreeing and setting a budget beforehand will help you relax during a game and ensure you enjoy it a whole lot more. And slot machines are as simple, and as fun, as online gaming comes.

Playing on online slot machines does not have to cost a fortune; many gaming sites offer games like this for as little as a penny each, some are even free! Simply register for an account online and you can be playing on slot machine games within moments.

Play on your own or invite some mates round for a night in with a difference. Grab a bottle of wine and some tasty nibbles and enjoy a spot of online bingo, roulette or fun slot machine games.

As with casino slot machines, it's wise not to pump too much money into too many machines at once. Many players tend to just plough their cash into two or more adjacent machines at the same time. If the casino is overcrowded, it can be difficult to keep on top of your spending, and your winnings! Likewise, with online slot games it's important to keep your eye on just one game, that way you're unlikely to get distracted and you have a greater chance of winning.

If you're new to online slot machines, start slowly; bet only a small amount in the first instance to get used to the various slot machine games. That way, if you lose you're not losing a large amount of cash.

Slot games like this are also a great introduction into online gaming on the whole. Most gamers start off on simple games like slots, before building up to roulette and poker, where the big bucks can be won!

While slot machine games were once the least popular machines in the casino, today around 70 per cent of revenue within a casino comes directly from them!

Reel-spinning online slot machines have a single payout line, which is painted across the middle of the glass in front of the reels. Others, however, have three or even five payout lines. Keep an eye on these payout lines at all times; whichever symbols stop on these lines determine whether or not you've won.

You may see anything from cherries, to sevens, or triple or double bars. The basic premise of slot machines, both in casinos and online, is to match three symbols along the payout line. Each symbol equates to a different amount of cash, with cherries often being the lowest and therefore most common.

Why not try online slot machine games today and re-live your youth? After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and it's far more exciting than winning a mountain of two pence coins!

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