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12 June 2010

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 Your health and fitness improved through tailor made specialised health and fitness solutions. Designed with you in mind, to fit your busy life style, help you to change for life, get on track and stay on track for a healthier life.
 http://www.activeedgesolutions.co.ukLast Updated on 27/02/2009
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 AiA is a charity dedicated to identifying the underlying causes and biochemical effects of autistic spectrum disorders. Members of AiA are provided with newsletters, reference resources, a helpline, conferences, training courses and seminars.
 http://www.autismmedical.comLast Updated on 07/02/2005
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 Personal and corporate change agents or guides to take you through the changes you want and can't make alone. Using techniques of excellent communication and therapy including NLP, hypnotherapy, and consultancy processes.
 http://change.togain.co.ukLast Updated on 04/09/2002
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 East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity
 http://www.eastanglianambulance.com/airambulanc...Last Updated on 04/09/2001
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 We are a Whittlesey-based online business supplying cost-effective flu protection kits for individuals and travellers. Our website also contains lots of useful information and acts as a portal with direct links to all the main Government and official websites regarding bird flu and human pandemic flu risk.
 http://www.flufightersonline.comLast Updated on 15/02/2006
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 Information and news on the development of NHS services for Greater Peterborough.
 http://www.healthplan.org.uk/Last Updated on 20/05/2002
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 Independent cosmetic surgery adviser.
 http://www.lindabriggs.co.uk/Last Updated on 06/02/2002
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 Mid Anglia General Practitioner Accident Service (MAGPAS) is a registered charitable organisation which exists in order to provide an organisational framework within which volunteer doctors can train for and be equipped to provide immediate medical care in support of the Ambulance Service. The objective of MAGPAS is to give skilled medical aid between the time of the accident and the casualty arriving at the hospital.
 http://www.magpas.org.uk/Last Updated on 04/03/2002
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 Family Care is a provider of independent child focused family risk assessments and preventative programmes in three settings: residential, community and day, to local authorities and courts.
 http://www.familycare.co.ukLast Updated on 20/10/2005
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 A small and friendly scheme for doctors who are thinking of a career in General Practice and are looking for somewhere to train in the UK.
 http://www.peterboroughvts.co.uk/Last Updated on 05/02/2002
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