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12 June 2010

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 Angels is Peterborough's newest entertainment venue bringing Table Dancing to Peterborough for the very first time.
 http://www.angels-peterborough.co.ukLast Updated on 11/07/2005
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 An independent nightclub is biggest club around, with a pre-warm up bar, Brownes situated underneath, you can be sure to have a great night out.
 http://www.centralnightclub.comLast Updated on 03/03/2009
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 What's on at the Chicago Rock Peterborough.
 http://www.chicago-rock-cafe.co.uk/Last Updated on 20/07/2001
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 The Club With No Name is a regular feature at The Park. The site includes info gigs, photo gallery, bands who've played, reviews, a guestbook and more.
 http://www.clubwithnoname.co.uk/Last Updated on 22/06/2001
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 Information and details of what's on when at Faith Nightclub
 http://www.faithnightclub.co.ukLast Updated on 20/10/2003
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 Local venue with theme and band nites with drink discounts... look out for gigs and news.
 http://www.fidds.co.ukLast Updated on 03/03/2004
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 Opening times and dress policy info.
 http://www.liquidnightclub.co.uk/Last Updated on 07/10/2000
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 Hard Trance club night
 http://www.spankedevents.co.ukLast Updated on 03/06/2003
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 Spirit & Soul (formerly known as Lisboa) is an intimate venue in the centre of Peterborough that plays host to underground music of all styles.
 http://www.myspace.com/spiritandsoulclubLast Updated on 05/07/2007
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 The club is once a month and is on a boat. We put on live bands that will fit in with the night (Nu Blues, Alt. Country, Garage Punk Blues, Surf etc). Also Wolfman Jock plays new & vintage garage/punk blues, surf, psychedelic, rockabilly, country, rock n roll. Pa Pa Ooh Mow Mow? You Betcha!
 http://www.thecockroachclub.co.ukLast Updated on 11/05/2005
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