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12 June 2010

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 Information about the Assembly of God church's evangelism campaigns and background.
 http://www.victoryevangelism.org.ukLast Updated on 09/03/2003
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 An open friendly resource for pagans of all paths.
 http://www.dragonswood.org.ukLast Updated on 08/06/2005
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 Dwelling Place is the online information point about 24-7 prayer in Peterborough. Find out about the prayer events, the School of Prayer, the Hearts 4 Israel group and sign up for the next prayer event.
 http://www.dwellingplace.org.ukLast Updated on 09/10/2005
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 To promote Islamic Awareness among the Community of Peterborough.
 http://www.islamaware.co.ukLast Updated on 12/06/2003
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 Information on Islam and Mosques and religious organisations in Peterborough, newsletter, jobs section and contact details of organisations and Mosques
 http://www.islampeterborough.org.ukLast Updated on 10/07/2003
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 Institute contact information.
 http://www.lds.org.uk/institute/peterborough/in...Last Updated on 14/10/2000
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 New Hope Ministries is a young and vibrant evangelical Ministry with a strong Baptist, Apostolic and Pentecostal background.
 http://www.newhopeministries.org.ukLast Updated on 04/10/2008
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 We are a not-for-profit group of paranormal investigators. We are not the Ghostbusters & we do not get rid of ghosts. In fact, some of us are a bit skeptical. We merely try to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. We collect data in as scientific a way as possible and share what we collect. Residence investigations are done in a professional manner and we will not publish our findings on the website without your permission. You may stay with us at all times during the investigation and read our reports thereafter. We pay for our own equipment and travel & ask for no payment for our investigations. Upon completion of an Investigation, you will be given a full report of our findings & any audio & video footage will be given to you on a DVD.
 http://www.ghosthuntersuk.co.ukLast Updated on 29/11/2006
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 Site includes a calendar of events, meeting informations and guild officers.
 http://www.qsoft.u-net.com/guild1.htmLast Updated on 26/10/2000
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 Diocese run programme with a broad remit, you need to read their explanation.
 http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/peopleandwork/ind...Last Updated on 08/10/2000
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